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Breathe in your hand and sniff the bad breath: What do you smell? You can find out here how bad smells can give you clues about diseases and why.

A sick body produces certain substances that smell strange. They will then be on the Skin (sweat), metabolic end products (urine, feces) and via the breath (halitosis) excreted. These are – as Chinese medicine discovered thousands of years ago – often early warning signs for diseases. Odors already appear before other symptoms – such as pain or spots – become visible.

How does a bladder smell?

That's what it means when the urine suddenly smells more severe.

What? Smell of urine

How? smells more severe than usual, as the bacteria in the urine set rot processes in motion

Other symptoms: frequent urination, burning during urination

Remedy: a lot of drinking; if it does not get better after 3 to 4 days, see a doctor

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What's the smell of type I diabetes?

That's what it means when your breath smells like nail polish remover.

What? Smell of breath

How? after nail polish remover (more precisely: acetone), because the body because of the Insulinmangel from fat energy must win – as by-product develops thereby acetone

Other symptoms: great thirst and urination, fatigue, dizziness

Remedy: if necessary insulin syringe; Call an emergency doctor to avoid diabetic coma!

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Can I smell a flu infection?

That means it when the Breath harsh smells.

What? Smell of breath

How? herb or "old", as the virus / bacteria feed on mucosal cells, which begin to rot

Other symptoms: Headache and body aches, runny nose, hoarseness, sore throat, fever if necessary

Remedy: drink a lot, keep your body warm, bed rest; if it does not get better after 5 to 7 days: see a doctor!

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Which smell reveals liver problems?

That's what it means when your skin smells like ammonia.

What? Smell of the skin

How? biting; after ammonia; while a healthy liver converts ammonia directly into urea, this transformation does not occur at all or only slowly with a diseased liver. The gas gets into the blood and the smell is exhaled through the skin

Other symptoms: loss of appetite, bloating, Fatigue, decline in performance

Remedy: have the doctor check you through; Avoid alcohol, greasy food and medication as much as possible

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How do I smell a stomach infection?

That's what it means when your breath smells like fermented fruit.

What? Smell of breath (e.g., belching)

How? after fermented fruit, as the gastric inflammation causes too much stomach acid

Other symptoms: Nausea, pressure in the abdomen, feeling of fullness, heartburn

Remedy: Calm the abdomen; if no improvement occurs: consult a doctor after 3 to 4 days!

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Does an tonsillitis smell sweet?

That's what it means when your breath smells sweet.

What? Smell of breath

How? sweetish odor caused by bacteria

Other symptoms: Difficulty swallowing, fatigue, headache

Remedy: gargle with sage tea at the first symptoms and drink it; if it does not get better after 2 days: see a doctor!

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Does the skin stink of kidney problems?

That's what it means when your sweat smells like urine.

What? Smell of the skin

How? sweat There is a smell of urine, as urea and creatinine can no longer be excreted exclusively by the kidneys

Other symptoms: Hypertension, swollen eyelids, nausea, itching, first increased, then decreased urinary excretion

Remedy: with first complaints immediately go to the doctor!

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How does sweat smell in hypothyroidism?

That's what it means when your sweaty skin smells like vinegar.

What? Smell of the skin / sweat

How? Nightgown smells like vinegar in the morning, as the metabolism slows down and the body sweats out excess acids

Other symptoms: Fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, constipation, cold sensitivity, depressed mood, pale / dry skin

Remedy: See a doctor who prescribes suitable medication.

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