With salt and lemon? No! Drink tequila properly – that's how it works – Goose liquor

Tequila, the small town in the Mexican state of Jalisco, which is – well, of course – famous for the national drink Tequila has around 29,000 inhabitants. The brand is 100 percent agave and is drunk in this country mostly in long party nights – where you sometimes do not look at the quality of the spirit.

But there is another way:

We asked experts how to really drink tequila:

1. You do not drink tequila with salt and lemon!

While you can get a glass of tequila salt and lemon in almost every bar and club in this country, "this ritual does not really exist in Mexico," says Mike Meinke, tequila expert and brand ambassador for Diageo. Especially with more expensive and noble varieties, which are stored like whiskey in wooden barrels, you should do without it, so as not to distort the taste. Anyone who has always found it strange to first lick salt from their hands and bite into a piece of lemon after drinking can confidently omit it next time.

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2. Do not just dump him

… but enjoy him. Professionals, such as mezcal expert Giancarlo Martello, recommend keeping the first sip in the mouth for ten seconds. That may burn something in the beginning, but from the second sip the tequila tastes almost mild. So you can taste the subtleties without just tipping the tequila. The aromas of stored tequila are best expressed in small sips.

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3. Cognac-swivel instead of shot glasses

Caballitos, that's the name of the slender glasses, usually 4-5 cl, from which one drinks tequila in Mexico. For particularly good drops but you renounce the mini glasses and instead takes a Cognacschwenker or a tall stemmed glass – so the flavors and flavors are better to advantage. The glass should be appropriate for tequila, say connoisseurs.

Incidentally, the official Regulatory Council for Tequila chose the "Vinum" glass of the Austrian company Riedel as the official Tequila glass. The size and shape of the chalice are intended to highlight the flavors that are perceived to reduce alcohol fumes.

4. Tequila ice-cold? Not in Mexico!

Neither put the jars in advance in the refrigerator, nor store the tequila itself in the refrigerator or fill it with ice cubes. The Mexican national drink you drink at room temperature.