Why is some vodka more expensive than others? – Goose liquor

Good vodka has its price. Although there are now countless offers in the low price segment, the spirit has long since adopted the cheap image. High-quality vodka may and must cost a little more. Under ten euros should not be invested. A good drop can well cost around 30 euros. Upwards there are, as so often no limits. Proper luxury vodka from companies like Belvedere or Gray Goose can also cost hundreds of euros.

Expensive vodka

Of course, the brand has a big impact on the price of each vodka. Noble spirits manufacturers such as Gray Goose, Van Gogh, Chopin or DQ Vodka have now earned a good reputation, which also costs money accordingly. Not compulsively, this price is also linked to high-quality taste. However, if you consider high-quality taste as important, you should pay particular attention to the degree of purity. Good vodka goes through several distillation stages to ultimately provide the best possible purity. Even slow processes bring additional quality. Milk-flavored vodkas are considered particularly noble. Many brands have begun to additionally filter the vodka after distilling. This results in a much higher quality. So make sure when choosing that the criteria for good vodka are met.

It is a mixture of different components that characterize the premium versions of the popular beverage. Not always the taste of a particular brand must also correspond to the preferences. As is often the case, tasting is about studying.

Vodka has long ceased to be a simple alcoholic drink, but also increasingly a luxury item. Meanwhile, the market is increasingly determined by expensive premium brands. These outdo each other in terms of taste, as well as in the reputation of their name, the design of the bottles and of course the price. It is by no means uncommon to spend a three-digit value on a luxurious fake expensive vodka. And of course, the upper limit is not reached. These brands are undoubtedly among the most expensive vodkas in the world.

Luxury for home use

Before we turn to the abnormally high sums, this is followed by a list of some of the most expensive brands that are also available for home use. In other words, if you put some money aside, you can buy a bottle or two.

All these brands are certainly the beverage retailer. Priced, the cheapest variants in the upper two-digit sector are to be set. But that's just the starting price. Anyone who is interested in more noble variants of the noble spirits, lands quite quickly in the three-digit range. So you can pay for a high-quality bottle Gray Goose quite around the 300 to 400 euros. So consider this investment well.

Totally mistaken – the really most expensive vodkas

At regular intervals, special vodka manufacturers outdo each other with ever newer and more exclusive creations that go beyond just any price. For ordinary mortals, these brands do not really matter anymore. So a bottle of Russian diva vodka went away for about 788,000 euros a few years ago. In 2012, the White Sun vodka was presented in Germany. Here one of the 999 limited edition bottles cost at least one million euros. It was not so much the quality of the vodka that provided the prize, but rather the bottle that was mixed with diamonds and Swarovski stones. Whether these most expensive vodkas but also the best vodkas in the world, you can argue about that!