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Who invented the automobile 125 years ago?

The car is no longer an integral part of our lives these days. In Germany, almost every family has a car. But until then it was a long way. 125 years ago, the car was invented. But from whom exactly?

The automobile worldwide

The motor car of Carl Benz had only three wheels and drove only 16 km / h fast.

Today, the car is the most important means of transportation. In Germany over 54 million motor vehicles are registered. This means that every second inhabitant will have at least one car. There are over a billion cars in the world. And there are more every day. But 125 years ago, when the car was still in its infancy, it was still unthinkable.

Who is the inventor of the car?

Automobile comes from the Greek and means as much as moving by itself. It does not have to be pulled by horses as usual in the 19th century. The basis for this is an engine. This was patented in 1876 by Nikolaus August Otto. Its gasoline engine is powered by gasoline. This is brought controlled repeatedly to the explosion. As a result, the pistons are moved up and down in the cylinder, so that a machine is driven.

Carl Benz is the inventor of the car. Here he can be seen with his work.

This efficient engine encouraged many engineers to develop a fuel-powered vehicle that had been tried in vain decades earlier. After all, it was Carl Benz who patented his three-wheeled motorcar, developed in Mannheim in 1886. This is the birth of the automobile.

Shortly thereafter, other developments came out. Gottlieb Daimler's motor carriage (with four wheels) lets us guess in which direction the car development should go. Unfortunately, Daimler was a little too late, because Carl Benz had registered his patent first and is therefore the inventor of the automobile.

The patent for Daimler's motor carriage came a little too late.

The beginnings of the car

Of course you were still pretty leisurely with the first cars. Only 16 km / h drove the motor car of Carl Benz. Nevertheless, the population was initially very skeptical, because there were no traffic rules and therefore some accidents happened. It took a few more decades for the cars to go into series production. But then the triumph of the automobile began, which today can no longer be thought out of our lives.

Remedy or problem?

In fact, automobiles were initially advertised as being environmentally friendly because they did not pollute the streets with horse manure. Today you know better. The exhaust gases of cars contain greenhouse gases such as CO2. These are responsible for the greenhouse effect and thus for the currently much cited climate change.

With the VW Beetle cars became affordable for many Germans, so soon many had one.

But the automotive industry wants to equip itself against it. Today, for example, you can buy hybrid cars that combine gasoline and electric motors and therefore produce less exhaust gas. There are also pure electric cars and you are already developing solar vehicles that use solar energy. The development will probably continue, because the car has accompanied and fascinated people since 125 years and will probably do it for many more years.

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