What is the right drinking temperature for schnapps – Goose liquor

Serving temperatureBoth the liqueur and the brandy, the right temperature is important. (Photo by: © mankale / fotolia.com)

What is important when drinking schnapps and liqueur:

  • On the quality, the raw materials and the production of each beverage.
  • On the right glass, for the development of flavors and taste.
  • At the right temperature, this affects our sense of taste.

However, there is no flat-rate suitable drinking temperature, but depending on the type and quality of the liquor or the liqueur should be differentiated in relation to the ideal drinking temperature.

What is the right drinking temperature for schnapps?

A rule of thumb: The colder a drink is, the less we taste and smell – the same goes for food.

The cooling spirits But it also makes sense that one tries thereby to soften the alcohol for the palate. This makes sense especially if you have inferior spirits or drinks Shots (on Ex), where you only on the effect of the alcohol value and less on the taste.

Therefore, the question arises, which drinking temperature should liquors and liqueurs ideally have?

Therefore, especially quality and flavor intensity the influence on the right one Serving temperature.

  • Vodka, little intesive liqueurs or Tequlia are usually drunk cold (at 3 to 8 degrees).
  • Expensive whiskey, noble rum, old cognac or limited gin should normally have room temperature of about 16 to 20 degrees.
  • Fine brandy fires should have between 15-18 degrees.
  • White or flavored rum should be between 14 and 18 degrees.
  • The well-known raki or ouzo are stored in the refrigerator and also drunk cool.

In order to reach the perfect drinking temperature it is also recommended not to cool or "warm" the bottle itself, but only the glasses in which the alcoholic beverage is then served.

Tip: Nevertheless, liqueurs should not be stored too warm, as they usually have less alcohol and can therefore become inedible more quickly.

Both the liqueur and the brandy so the right drinking temperature is crucial for a perfect enjoyment. Although a drink temperature of 18 degrees is recommended, it should be noted that the quality, aroma and type of the drink should be kept, so that the exact number of degrees can sometimes vary slightly.