What is grey goose vodka made from ?

Vodka (or “Wodka” in Poland) is made by distilling raw materials mixed with fresh water.

Vodka distillery

The raw material used can be very varied: cereals, potatoes, beetroot… You can even find some made from fruits like grapes.

The harvested grains are washed, then ground, before mixing them with fresh water, as pure as possible, which gives a thick porridge.

The addition of yeast allows the fermentation of this pulp, which is loaded with alcohol, of a low degree.

It is then by three successive distillations in stills that we obtain a content of about 96 to 98 degrees of alcohol. To reach 40 degrees of alcohol (for the majority of Vodkas, some can titrate up to 97 degrees) the distillate is mixed with distilled water and demineralized.

Finally, the vodka goes through carbon filters to give it its final appearance. If Vodka distinguishes itself mainly for its character of purity, with a discreet taste, some are flavoured to give them more character: Buffalo grass, pepper, oak, vanilla, lemon…

There are also special weddings, such as with various precious stones, which are part of exceptional Vodkas intended for very occasional consumption…

Grey goose vodka price

Grey goose vodka

Created in France in 1997, in the Cognac region, internationally renowned for its spirits, Grey Goose is currently the only vodka in the world that benefits from the know-how and expertise of a cellar master.

Grey Goose Original is characterized by the quality of its main ingredient: a specially selected wheat produced in France. It also benefits from a continuous five-step distillation process that greatly optimizes its organoleptic qualities. To let its taste fully express itself, Grey Goose Original is finally added with natural spring water from Gensac.

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