Vodka – the renaissance of clear spirits – Goose liquor

In sum, vodka had distilled and presented itself to death over the years, while at Gin more and more perceptible craftsmanship and tasteful botanical diversity came to the fore.

Vodka had buried everything that could have made him interesting. A dozens of distillation and the focus on "noble" wheat, often unfortunately the most boring of all cereals. If it was enough for cereals at all and not simply "finest" and purest neutral alcohol from molasses was used. And while some qualities of even well-known vodka brands were already sinking, the marketing department often gave them the death knell. By absurd filtration methods "about diamonds" and similar humbug one tried convulsively to lead the exclusivity ad absurdum. It was about a lot: fairytale stories, exceptional bottle design, especially very high profit margins, just not a real quality in the bottle.

And the goal was clear: good vodka was "mild". Everything was withdrawn from him. The night with him should certainly not cause you a hangover. Just certainly not a taste experience. For a while, vodka was about removing any form of taste. Effect drinking! The goal of the evening was defined, but the way should not be interesting.

Many bartenders turned their backs on vodka. One, two reputable bottles remained in the backboards. Why more? Had anyway "all" no taste anymore. And finally, the Moscow Mule developed into No.1's sales force in many bars. Sugar sweet ginger beer and lime juice – as "tasty" vodka usually had no chance anyway.

The tombstone was carved for vodka lemon. Bartenders and guests have long been in tight match with Gin.

The gin is spoiled for success, the end is near

But the beloved Gin was spoiled for success. A few years ago, he turned in his leased 911'er on the vodka extended marketing highway and is today beyond pace 200 on her. Will he notice the wall in front of him?

Gin 2018: Gelaber to "Botanicals", small bottles, great prices, moderate quality. Much "craft" is printed on the "handbottled" bottles. The work, the "passion" and the "passion" go into the social media channels and not necessarily in the bottle. The varieties are becoming increasingly absurd. With "Flavored Vodka" definitely the sinking of the serious vodka enjoyment started 20 years ago.

Today: Hubba Bubba Gin, Strawberry Balsamic Gin and Baked Apple & Caramel Gin are on the shelves. The end is near, the first bars already list gin varieties or reduce the offer to a few bottles. That's how it started with vodka over 15 years ago.

And quietly and secretly, a lot has happened to the "unloved" vodka in recent years. Sure, there were always a few decent manufacturers. But manufacturers are back to real quality and taste. Vodka is tasty. And the results are very successful. It's about good cereals or potatoes. To a distillation that leaves the product, unusual ways of storage and marriage with water and the terroir. Yes, that's right: the soil on which it grew. You can taste the differences and the taste is amazing. The fascination is that you can win extremely different flavors and aromas purely through these factors of production, without any "botanicals". So the next time you stand in front of the gin shelf, and Hubba Bubba, Plum & Vanilla or Spit Roasted Pineapple-Gin give you a headache, try a good vodka with flavor. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Do not go wrong with these three vodka varieties

Clearance Rye Vodka – 0.5 ltr Fl. 40% Vol., About 30,00 Euro

Unfiltered German vodka made from 100% varietal organic rye, made by Jürgen Behlen. The particularly long and careful malting, mashing and fermenting gives this vodka a strong rye taste. Florian Renschin has again helped to give German vodka an international reputation and taste. So rich that it even gives an aromatic Moscow Mule its taste.

Chase English Potato Vodka – 0,7 ltr Fl. 40% Vol., About 40,00 Euro

16 years ago, William Chase started his Tyrrells potato chips production. After only six years, the brand was world famous and he sold the first shares for more than 40 million euros, later the entire company for a ten-figure sum. He continues to grow potatoes on his estate in Herefordshire. Only now does he make "English Potato Vodka" out of it. He controls the entire process, from cultivation to vodka in the bottle. "Estate Vodka" is the name of this rare design and this one is of exceptional quality.

Vulson White Rhino Rye Spirit – 0.7 ltr Fl. 41% Vol., About 45,00 Euro

A real collector's item still to find at good prices: Fred from the Domaine des Hautes Glaces in the French Alps has become famous with this masterpiece. He has developed a special method to slowly reduce the finished distillate with fine spring water to drinking strength over weeks. The result stuns, it reminds rather of Eau de vie or Rhum Agricole instead of vodka. Unfortunately, Fred's absolute perfection became known. A famous cognac house made him an offer he could not refuse. For the time being, all products have been taken off the market and it remains to be seen which next bang will be announced from the Alps. Still there are some affordable bottles in the specialized trade. Vodka lovers and those who want to be: strike.