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Vodka and China are such a thing. Actually, alcohol in the Middle Kingdom has no great tradition. Although there are amazingly many good wines (thanks to the abundant loess soil) and whiskey has earned a certain position over the last few decades. But vodka? In fact, we had to spend a long time looking for a stay in China […]

Very rarely but always you will find a specialty called "Five Lakes" in the Wodkaregal. The sizeable packaged trunk from Siberia arouses curiosity, which we try to quench in this article. Special taste Five Lakes Special is characterized by a very gentle and harmonious taste. The influence of honey clover and bison grass extract are unmistakable. Indeed […]

In some German supermarket shelves can be found rare and priced interesting distillates. One example is the "Prince Uranov Premium" tested here. After all, he was distilled five times, and just under € 6, nothing seems wrong. That's why we took a closer look at the prince to make that first impression […]

Who, like me, is still a little younger year of construction, will connect with the brand Smirnoff primarily Alcopops. In fact, Smirnoff is one of the most commercially successful and oldest brands in the vodka sector. The roots lead to Moscow in the 1860s, when Pyotr Arsenievich Smirnov, who later became one of the wealthiest Russians […]

Vodka is known to exist in all imaginable colors, shapes, flavors, etc. The interesting thing is that the packaging usually gives only limited information about the content. Some big drops come in a very modest presentation, and not everything that calls itself a luxury is great. But in this case it is different. Who Scorpion Vodka […]

"Vodka with attitude" is the motto of Danzka. Starting from the 1980s, Thomas Anton wanted to create the perfect Danish vodka. Above all, it was important to him to ensure that his intellectual drink perfectly suited as a travel companion, which has led to the now characteristic aluminum look of the bottle. Currently Danzka is in 6 […]

If you think of the Alps or Bavaria, you will not think about vodka at first. However, since 2012 a vodka called Bavarka has been produced and sold in Hausham am Schliersee by the traditional distillery Lantenhammer. So obviously it is a tradition paired with the courage to innovate, which in itself always seems commendable. […]

It is cold in winter in Finland. The idea of ​​distilling a little bit of barley to make a warming drink (from the inside) is not far away. Finlandia has been around since 1970. And since 2004, the brand belongs to Brown-Forman, a major American corporation, which holds, among other things, the rights to Jack Daniel's whiskey. There […]

We are happy to report here about vodka brands, which want to conquer the heart of vodka lovers with great stories and a lot of ambition. But sometimes even the most passionate vodka-ester longs for a simple and uncomplicated comrade. This is where Parliament vodka comes into play. Modern and uncomplicated Parliament is a modern brand, which can be found especially in German supermarkets. […]

Johann III. Sobieski was a proud nobleman and king of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania. In 1683, he also saved the Viennese their ass, as the second Turkish siege threatened to become a disaster for the Habsburg stronghold. A proud man, therefore, who is ideally suited as the namesake for a decent rye schnapps. Long tradition Less in our latitudes […]

Who loves vodka and drinks once in a while, knows two things: First, each brand is a bit different. Second, the characteristic taste across the genus remains recognizable. The subtle difference lies in the detail and ultimately it depends on a successful balance of all flavor elements; from the neutral entrance on the tip of the tongue over the […]

Konik's tail is a nondescript appearance. The Pole in the chic, unfussy bottle only catches the eye of the connoisseur in the well-stocked shelf. I also became aware of this heavy water representative only on express recommendation. On the other hand, those who dare to make the leap will discover a lot. Silent water found deep No good vodka without good […]

Absolutely Vodka in 1l bottle with 40% vol. Alc.

Quinoa is a cereal that is well-known in our latitudes primarily to nutritionally-conscious gluten-reducers. But lo and behold, 2013 was named the Year of Quinoa by the World Food Organization (FAO). The "rice of the Incas" is therefore ideal as an alternative to industrially processed, conventional grain. A rogue, who also participated in the distillation of our […]

Vodka is potato schnapps. At least once in his life, every one of the Central Europeans in the early socialization of his teenage phase hears this saying. Surprised, the same critical spirit finds out later in life that most varieties of vodka are made from wheat. Only the Poles swear on the more traditional rye and scold the rest as "bread brandy". There are […]

Catrine is a village in the Scottish Council of East Ayrshire and home to Glen's Vodka. The high-proof drop has been made since 1972, which astonishes given the Scottish whiskey tradition. But apparently there are also Scots, the unconventional paths tread when it comes to the consumption of alcohol.


One of the classics of the Polish vodka scene comes from Bialystok in eastern Poland. The noble drop is produced by Polmos Białystok S.A., one of the largest producers of vodka in Poland. This vodka is known primarily for its variant with bison grass.


This vodka brand sees itself as a luxury brand of high society, always oriented to the taste of jet setters. Unlike most other vodkas, Cîroc's Ultra-Premium Vodka is not made from grains or potatoes, but from grapes. This creates a very fine and smooth vodka, which is also distilled five times. Already the […]

Bree vodka bottle

The first grape vodka from Germany Today in the test of the Bree Vodka from Germany. It is a vodka made from grapes from the well-known winery Peter Mertes from Benrkastel-Kues.

Absolutely vodka

Sweden's best vodka Today in the test of Absolut Vodka. This vodka is a legend. He is one of the most famous premium vodkas worldwide. The Swedes can do more than Wasa crispbread and Ikea furniture.

Vodka Gorbachev bottle

The vodka's purest soul The vodka Gorbachev is a classic among the German vodkas. The brand was first founded in Berlin in 1921 by the Russian emigrant Leontowitsch Gorbachev, who fled after the October Revolution in 1917 in Russia, from his hometown of St. Petersburg to Berlin.

Three sixty vodka glass shelf

The Three Sixty Vodka was only established in 2004 as a new premium vodka brand by the German family business Schwarze & Schlichte. The company specializes in the distribution of spirits, which includes brands such as "Black breakfast grain" and "Dujardin" belong. Today I will test this relatively new and high quality vodka.

Arctic Premium Vodka bottle lying down

Netto's Arctic Premium Vodka will ring in this weekend. Spontaneously we decided for this vodka. It does not always have to be Aldi or Lidl.

Vodka Putinoff label

A Lidl Premium Vodka That Goes Down Like Oil The Putinoff Premium Vodka is one of two vodka brands that Lidl can buy. He is also one of the more expensive vodka brands, which are offered at discounters in Germany. After all, 0.5 liters cost at Lidl € 4.99, so he is ever more expensive […]

The vodka Zaranoff bottle on a table.

Vodka Zaranaoff is probably one of the most drunk spirits in Germany. His quality is better than his reputation. In my research on the net, I've always come across the skepticism that triggers this vodka in some. Nausea and headaches and cheap vodka are associated with him, but is that really true?