Video: Mix caipirinha from Brazil yourself – Goose liquor

Caipirinha, or "Caipi", should not be missing at any cocktail party. For the World Cup in Brazil, the Caipirinha also soared with us – because the Caipirinha finally comes from South America. No other cocktail tastes as much of summer, sun and beach as the classic Caipi.

Caipirinha from Brazil

Caipirinha has been very popular in Germany since the early 1990s. Probably because the actual Südfrucht lime has been available everywhere in Germany since the 1980s. In 1999 the "Caipi" even became Drink of the year named.

The name "Caipirinha" is derived from the Brazilian word "caipira". The rural population is called “caipira”. A “caipirinha” is a drink that the poorer rural population could also afford.

Ingredients for classic caipirinha

The popular cocktail is quickly mixed: a caipirinha consists of one or two limes, cane sugar or sugar syrup, cachaca and crushed ice. Since the limes come with the cocktail, it is highly recommended to use organic limes. If you don't find any organic limes, you should at least wash them off very well with hot water, because limes, like all citrus fruits in conventional cultivation, are very often sprayed with pesticides against vermin.

Cachaca is a sugar cane liquor that is available in Brazil and South America in all variations. Cachaca is actually a colorless distilled schnapps. If you find a golden or slightly yellowish cachaca, it is usually a schnapps that was stored in a barrel. Clear cachaca is usually of better quality. Schnapps of very high quality are also offered pure as a digestif or aperitif.

Mix the caipirinha yourself

Cut a lime into eight for a caipirinha and add to a glass with the cane sugar or sugar syrup. Before the eighth, roll the lime over the worktop with a little pressure. As a result, more lime juice comes out of the fruit when crushed later. Also cut the top and bottom of the lime. There are many bitter substances that would otherwise make the lime juice and the cocktail unnecessarily bitter.

With a wooden pestle, the lime pieces are crushed properly so that as much lime juice as possible escapes. The classic Caipi taste is created by crushing the pieces of lime, because not only does lime juice emerge from the pulp when the pieces of lime are crushed. The characteristic and flavor-giving essential oils of lime emerge from the skin.

Then add the cachaca and the crushed ice. Stir everything again and with a straw – done. Those who prefer it can drink their caipi straight from the glass without a straw.

By the way, in Brazil, brown cane sugar is used instead of brown cane sugar. In addition, the Brazilians do not use crushed ice, but normal ice cubes.