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Carworld - SUV with tinted windows is facing the sunset: threatened with a fine?

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Legal requirements for tinting: How to avoid fines

Car World - Baby irritated by sunlight in the back seat of a car: Fine for tinted car windows?

Tinted windows For a long time, tuning was popular above all in the tuning scene in order to give vehicles a sporty appearance. Meanwhile, many vehicle manufacturers offer factory-darkened windows. If your car does not have such standard-tinted windows, you still have a rich selection of colors, tints and techniques for subsequent disc tinting – provided you observe some legal regulations.

Basically, attachments like films toning or a Plexiglass sun protection an opinion on the general operating permit (ABE). In this type approval are relevant references and conditions for use and attachment and especially the relevant part numbers. These part numbers must also be found on the attachments. Legal requirements with regard to vehicle modifications must be complied with car windows on safety-relevant component are – and otherwise threaten a fine or even the loss of insurance coverage.

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Tinted vehicle windows not only look sporty, they also keep the interior of your car cool. But not everything that is cool is allowed. We tell you what to look for in the subsequent sounding of car windows.

Where are slides allowed on the discs, where not?

All glass surfaces, the the Field of vision of the driver determine must remain clear. However, even transparent foils are not allowed on the windscreen to protect against falling rocks. There is a risk that such films could detach and limit the driver in his view. On the side windows transparent safety foils may be fitted between the A and B pillars, even though they are in the driver's field of vision. The consequences of a dissolving film are less drastic here.

  • permitted: all side windows from the B-pillar and the rear window
  • Inadmissible: Windshield, car window between A and B pillars
Autowelt - vehicle graphics with color-coded A / B / C / D pillars to show the admissibility of tinted car windows

TheA column connects vehicle roof and front bulkhead. As B-pillar the connection between the vehicle floor and the vehicle roof is designated in the car center. The C-pillar is the connection of vehicle roof and fender. The D-pillar is the fourth pillar for station wagons or vans. Only the discs from the B-pillar as well as the rear window may be tinted.

How dark can I tint the panes?

Of the level of tinting The slide determines how much light falls inside the vehicle. The lower the value of light transmission, the higher the degree of darkening and privacy. From the B-pillar may Translucency up to 0 percent be. As a rule, foils with 3 to 30 percent are used for darkening as required, although theoretically foils with different degrees of tinting can also be attached to a vehicle. For a better view to the rear you could therefore provide the rear window with a film with higher light transmission than the side windows.

Attention: If the traffic safety is impaired by a window tint, a fine of 90 euros and a point threaten!

Which penalties threaten with wrong use?

All windows that are important to the driver's vision must be clear, translucent and free from distortion. This is recorded in the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) under Clause 40. Wrong or incorrectly toned car windows are not allowed and lead to Punish, In the fine table Find the amount of expected penalties:

facts Fine / points
Driving with limited visibility 10 €
ABE not included 10 €
Non-compliant vehicle 25 €
Traffic safety is significantly impaired 90 € / 1 point

Why does it make sense to tint the car windows?

Apart from the optical change, a tint of the vehicle windows lots Other advantages For example, they offer effective visibility, glare and burglary protection, an improved vehicle climate and increased safety for your passengers.

Tinted windows offer optimal privacy

Cool and mysterious – this is how darkened windows look on your car. By a subsequent darkening, you can give your vehicle an individual styling. But not in vain is also of Design Films spoken, which are to shield the vehicle interior from outside eyes from the outside. A disc blackout It can also be an effective measure to protect privacy and prevent break-ins in a preventive manner.

Cooler climate makes driving easier

Tinted car windows offer both Blend as well as heat protection, They help to significantly improve the climate in the vehicle and thus the well-being of passengers. Especially babies, toddlers and the elderly benefit from a reduction of heat development, as they suffer more from heat. But also the driver provides comfortable climatic conditions in the vehicle interior for a more concentrated, relaxed driving.

Provided with sunscreen vehicle windows have another decisive advantage over non-rolled standard discs: They effectively filter dangerous UVA radiation. The windshield of a car is indeed made of laminated safety glass, in which a film between two glass layers splinter protection in case of accident as well as UVA protection guaranteed.

All other car windows, however, are only out toughened which usually does not provide effective protection against solar radiation causing skin cancer – even if it is already tinted from the factory. Another advantage: sun protection films also protect the interior design, as they can no longer fade due to sunlight.

Security films better protect against burglary

Should the windows break in the event of an accident, modern films offer effective splinter protection thanks to the glass composite effect. An increased burglary protection is ensured by the improved stability of the foiled discs. Some manufacturers offer security films designed specifically to protect against the effects of violence. Since these are also available transparently, they even come for the front side windows question and there offer a similar high security as the laminated glass of Windshield,

Tip: Heavily darkened windows may worsen your visibility – especially when driving at dusk and at night. In to strong window tint again threatens you fine, Therefore, take an intensive look at which degree of tinting is best for you.

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Can I insure my car window tint?

Keep in mind: All conversions must be approved by the TÜV, ie via a corresponding general operating permit (ABE) or – should this not be available – have an individual approval. Also the value should be able to be occupied by calculations. Whether in the case of glass damage or stone chips not only the original parts, but also one Foiling special equipment is insured in your partial or full insurance, you ask best before commissioning the car window tinting with your insurer.

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In principle, count later tinted car windows to special equipment and are therefore not automatically insured. Especially basic fares cover only a small part of special equipment, conversions and accessories on your vehicle, so it is worthwhile having your insurer confirm the reimbursement in the event of damage in advance.

If you make any other changes to your vehicle (such as the installation of special multimedia equipment or the attachment of a spoiler or high-quality rims), it is best to report this also your car insurance.

Tint car windows – that's how it works

You can either tinker the car windows yourself or leave a pro to work. Should you consider yourself as Hobby Car hobbyists dare to foil the windows, please keep the legal regulations in view, in order to avoid a possible fine. In addition, you should bring skill and craftsmanship, since clean foil requires a detailed work. Tinting foil you get for under ten euros per square meter. But you can also purchase complete sets consisting of window tinting foil, squeegee, foil knife and assembly liquid.

By visiting one specialized workshop Save a lot of time and nerves – and get one on the end result warranty,

The greater the effort, the more expensive the professional window tinting with foil

How much you have to pay for professional foiling depends less on the amount of material used than on the number, shape and area of ​​the car windows. The more effort, the higher the cost. However, reputable providers usually prepare in advance a package deal for the Komplettfolierungso that no unpleasant surprises await you.

With following costs should you expect:

  • Small car: from about 150 €
  • Limousine: from about 200 €
  • Combi: from about 250 €
  • SUV: from about 280 €
  • Van / Bus: from about 320 €

One square meter of tinted film is available from around 10 euros

The choice is yours: material, colors and techniques for window tinting

Carworld - A mechanic performs a professional car window tint with foil

If your vehicle is not already equipped with tinted windows at the factory, there are different options for subsequent lens tinting. The best known technique is the tinting with special foils – similar to the Wrapping a complete vehicle. But also a sunscreen made especially for it acrylic glass is an option. Expensive and expensive, however, are the so-called glass coating, also waters called, and the complete replacement of the car windows against tinted original discs.

Tinting films are proven and affordable

Tinting films are the most common type of window tinting. They are offered in many shades and with different effects. Whether classic black or gray, light, medium or heavily darkening, with chrome effect or matched to the car color: The choice is varied and also for your vehicle is guaranteed the right tint. The films are cut into shape and then attached from the inside to the previously cleaned vehicle window. It is important to pay attention to the quality of the film and a durable product with guaranteed UV protection to acquire.

Plexiglas sunscreen is particularly variable

There are also many types of vehicles prefabricated tinting discs out acrylic glass, which can be easily mounted from the inside of the car window in a few minutes and can be removed at any time. So you can fall back on the comfort of tinted windows in the summer, but in the winter, when it is long dark, not necessarily limited in the view. Because of this flexibility, this type of sunscreen is especially popular in Scandinavia with its very long and dark winters. Once the Plexiglas sunshade has been installed, however, you will not be able to fully shut down the rear side windows as this would otherwise fall out.

Custom-made parts must be part of the TÜV

In the tinting technology Glascoating, also called floods, the car windows are coated with a colored PU dispersion. Color and translucence are individually mixed for clear varnish and dye. Cost and effort for that glass coating are very high because all the discs that are to be coated, have to be removed from the vehicle. So far, floods is the only tinting technique in which theoretically the front window of the car can be tinted. The legal requirements but for that are very strict, which is why every vehicle of one TÜV auditor which means they are on the safe side and avoid fines.

Disc replacement is the most expensive tinting variant

Theoretically, you can also tint your untuned vehicle windows against original disks Have the manufacturer swap. Whether this is in a reasonable relationship between costs and benefits, it is doubtful.

Leasing vehicle or financed car: What to consider when the window tinting

If your vehicle is leased or funded with the option to return, you must always make sure that the original original state restore, in case of doubt also at your expense. Professionally tinted windows can also be used as one appreciation of the vehicle, which is why some leasing companies do not necessarily insist on removing the tinting foil before returning it. It's best to speak already in front of the window tint with your contractor to remove uncertainties from the world.


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