These are the best influencer-reach combinations on Instagram> sales – Goose liquor

The graph not only shows the best combination on a general subject area such as Beauty, but also special on a special theme such as "lipstick". It is important that only influencers reach the pool to be selected, which match the chosen special topic and have already written about it in the past. The Influencer marketing solution has developed an intelligent algorithm that can be used to determine the perfect combination of the highest reach and the highest number of influencers in terms of a fixed budget and a given keyword. This algorithm can now replace the long search for the right influencer for the first time, as it calculates the optimal ratio of influencers and reach to match the fire.

For example, the chart below uses the best combinations of reach and number of influencers in relation to a $ 1000 media budget and twelve different freely chosen keywords for illustration purposes.

Which is the best combination?

The best combination for the keyword "Vegan" with a budget of € 1,000 is a gross reach of 177,313, generated by 15 micro-influencers with a follower count of up to 50,000 followers. This means an average CPM of 5.60 euros and an average gross reach of 11,820 per Instagram influencer. The largest gross reach of the twelve keywords with a budget of 1,000 euros is obtained by the term "vodka". Here is the gross range at 420,079, which is generated by 9 influencers. The average CPM is here at 2.30 euros. The average gross reach per Instagram influencer is 46,675 followers. Similar topics such as the words "vitamins" and "health" show a nearly identical result both in terms of reach and in the number of influencers. Thus, both keywords reach a reach of approximately 400,000 followers with a deployed media budget of EUR 1,000, which corresponds to an average CPM of EUR 2.50.

Whether you are looking for influencers in spirits or in the healthcare market – compared to other media such as print or TV, you can reach considerable reach in influencer marketing at a very low media budget, should you have found out the ideal combination.