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For women and of course, more and more men are part of it like staple foods: Parfums, They give a personality a special touch, it depends on them whether we can smell a person or not – and in the truest sense of the word. On good perfumebut that has its good price – and what the best scents in the world cost, we show you here. Ladies and gentlemen, here are 10 of the most expensive and exclusive perfumes in the world,

Chanel No 5 in a recording by Gilles Larrain

10th Chanel No 5

This fragrance may simply not in any lineup of best, most expensive and most exclusive perfumes in the world missing – and of course gets the place of honor with the title picture.

This was created well most famous fragrance of the world by Ernet Beaux, this perfume debuted in 1921 with a price of $ 1'850 per bottle – at that time an incredible sum.

And even almost a century later, this fragrance is definitely a must have for women with style.

9th "Shalini" Perfume by Maurice Roucel

Buyers are paying around $ 900 for a bottle of 2.2 ounces of this perfume. And the mix, so enthusiastic customers from all over the world, is absolutely worth it.

Sandalwood, neroli, tiarĂ©, vanilla, coriander, musk and other noble fragrances and essential oils enchant the wearer – and those men who have the pleasure of being near them.

8th. Ralph Lauren "Notorious"

About $ 3'540 costs a bottle of this fragrance. But not the price, that's why "Notorious" one of the most famous creations by Ralph Lauren has been.

It is the sweet scent of chocolate that combines with the aroma of burgundy, vanilla, iris, cloves, blackcurrant and musk to seduce the noses of this world.

7th Annick Goutal "Eau d 'Hadrien"

Actually, this perfume was created especially for women – the fragrance is now worn by both men and women.

Although the fragrance has been available since 1981, it has retained a timeless elegance through its blend of the scent of citrus and the mildly refreshing aroma of grapes.

The fragrance is even considered one of the best scents of all time, There's the price, which is around $ 500 an ounce, which is almost a bargain.

6th JAR "Bolt of Lightning" Perfume

Another luxurious perfume for women is "Bolt of Lightning" from Joel A. Rosenthal (JAR), He is actually a famous jeweler, but one day he had the vision of developing a fragrance that "struck like lightning".

It was not long before it was done – a perfume with a strong and seductive fragrance that, in combination with the appropriate wearer, can knock a man over.

Whatever the price: $ 765 per ounce – many do not need lightning to faint.

Okay, as a small consolation: The bottles are all hand-ground, and Flakonschleifer are well known expensive …;)

5th "Joy "Perfume by Jean Patou

This wonderful scent is made from thousands of jasmine flowers and rare Bulgarian roses – so this scent will cost women around $ 800 an ounce.

The fragrance was first launched on the market in 1930 Henri Almeras – The ladies and even more the men's world was thrilled, worldwide.

Interestingly, those who have already enjoyed this fragrance claim that, despite the rich mix of flowers, they are not actually reminiscent of flowers. Hm. Anyone who knows more, please contact us.

4th Caron "Poivre"

Poivre, in German "pepper", is also the dominant signature of this unisex fragrance from France. And although the ounce price is around $ 1'000, this fragrance is a big hit worldwide.

The bottle is made of the finest crystal glass, additionally covered with white gold. Is also a luxury perfume đŸ™‚

Third Hermes "24 Faubourg"

The creator of this fragrance, Maurice Roucel, recommends this fragrance women who stand on a gentle touch of sweet-floral fragrance in the perfume.

On the recommendation list: A rather wealthy husband, after all, the ounce costs $ 1`500.

But the fair husband can then also run a woman who enchants her surroundings with a seductive scent of vanilla, orange blossom, rose and a hint of amber.

Oh yes, another small plus: The vial comes from the noble manufactory Saint Louis.

Second Baccarat "Les Larmes Sacrees de Thebes"

In addition to the fact that only the pronunciation of this fragrance makes the purchase quite difficult, the price also ensures deep breeze: A whopping $ 6,800 are due for this unique perfume – per ounce of course!

This Baccarat fragrance was made in the 1990s in a truly exclusive edition of just 6 vials.

But the "bottle" in the form of a crystal pyramid is worth a small fortune. Incidentally, the fragrance of this perfume "emphasize the aroma of ancient oriental culture" – aha.

1. Clive Christian "Imperial Majesty Perfume"

If you the most expensive perfume in the world search, you found it here. A 16.9 ounce pure luxury bottle currently costs $ 215,000!

What makes this perfume so expensive? In addition to the naturally exquisite content and the packaging. So the bottle is covered in 18karatiges gold, in addition there is an ornament of 5 carat diamond.

So who buys such a bottle as a gift for his sweetheart, actually has two: A perfume and jewelry.

However, a buyer next to a bulging wallet has a lot, much luck – there are only 10 bottles worldwide with the most expensive perfume in the world,

PS: Anyone who has managed to get one, can do it with a bottle of the same >>> most expensive champagne in the world celebrate.