Store vodka properly – what to look for when storing. – Goose liquor

Noble premium vodka is a fine thing and can be drunk on many occasions. If guests come and you want to serve them a reasonable sip, then it is always advisable to have a bottle of the noble drop in stock. But what exactly should be considered in vodka storage to be enjoyable again and again?

Which temperature is the best for vodka?

In commercials or advertisements in magazines, vodka is often portrayed as an ice-cold soft drink in a wintry environment. Over the years, a picture of vodka has been memorized in this way, which is actually wrong.

The myth fridge

Contrary to expectations, vodka does not have to be served ice-cold. Purists even swear to a reasonable room temperature for drinking. Between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius is the perfect temperature for vodka enjoyment. Ice cold vodka is of course not wrong. Especially with cheaper and tastier vodka this is a way to improve the taste. It is ideal to leave the bottle in the freezer for about an hour before consumption in order to cool it down to the ideal temperature.

There are no unified statements, because here it is all about what preferences you have. Anyone who prefers his vodka ice-cold, of course, can do so at any time with premium vodka. Similarly with vodka, which is used for mixing. Here, too, everyone can decide on his own temperature. As always, trying is about studying.

The healthy temperature middle way

For the vodka storage, the temperature is therefore not crucial. Of course you should be careful not to constantly expose the bottle to excessive heat, but the fridge does not have to be. Here it is completely enough if you store the vodka in a place that is not exposed to direct light or heat.

In which position should be stored?

It is recommended that the bottles always be stored upright. Unlike wine, which is stored lying, one would like to avoid the contact of the contents and the bottle cap for a long time with vodka. This is to prevent the lid, which may consist of different materials, are attacked by the alcohol. This could make the bottle leaky or even contaminate the contents.

How long is vodka durable?

Even if you want to store vodka for a longer period of time, you do not have to pay attention to a special cooling. Rather, you should be careful to always close the bottle well. Because only then can the vodka also retain its taste.

You do not have to worry about bacteria and other disturbing germs. Since good vodka has at least 37.5 percent alcohol, it kills all types of germs. That makes him resistant to the pests. So if you store the vodka in your basement or cupboard, you can not go wrong. Especially with premium vodka, good taste does not just fall like this.

However, if you have a longer vodka storage, it is advisable to note the date when you opened the bottle, or to make a note of it directly. This is a normal permanent marker with which you can write the date directly on the glass. It is said that used bottles are best consumed within three years to avoid loss of taste.