Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond 15 Year Old

Type: Bottled in Bond

Old Fitzgerald 15 Year Old is a nice whiskey, but I think it is a bit pricey for what it is.It lacks the complexity I would look for in that age and price range personally speaking.

Bottle of Dubonnet Rouge 2019Dubonnet Rouge 2020 Version

Type: Bitters Type 2 Herbal/Fruit

Very much a further step in the right direction, with a bit more polished herbal enhancement and a far better package that celebrates its return to its roots both literal and metaphorical.

Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Malt

Type: Malt ( Barley)

Nicely done and very mellow whiskey, Highly recommend for the Whiskey Curious. Almost like a dry, aged rum but more subtle with less sweetness. Lots of flavor without the kind of flavors to scare people off, think of it as a gateway whiskey for the white spirits crowd and a bit of a break from the heavy stuff for the usual whiskey crowd.

Apple Country AppleJack Aged 5 Years

Type: New York State, New York State apples, Pot Still

An exciting addition to Apple Countries Apple Jack portfolio.Proof that upstate New York can make decent apple brandy.

Wodden Box with Bottle of Three Cord Bourbon and two Old Fashioned GlassesThree Cord Bourbon

Type: Blended, Small Batch

Inoffensive, not in a bad sense just a bit simple. light in complexity and finish. Might be a gateway bourbon for people trying to develop a taste for brown spirits.

Bottle of Lakeward Spirits Wild GinLakeward Spirits Wild Gin

A very earthy herbal gin in the Genever style. Almost a Fernet gin

Bottle of Lakeward Spirits Evergreen GinLakeward Spirits Evergreen Gin

Type: Hand-Crafted New World Gin, New York State

Overall The Lakeward Spirits Evergreen Gin reminds me of a Vieux Systeme Genever with the lovely grain base expression of the distillate.

Papas Pilar Platinum Blonde Rum Limited Edition

Type: Blended, Rhum Industrial

Very flavorful, complex and nicely structured, and not overly sweet. Just the way we like our blondes – of any kind.

Bottle of Flower City GinFlower City Gin

Type: New World

Flower City Gin is a lovely blend of price and quality. Enough juniper to satisfy, without being overdone. Local gin quality at a mass produced price.

Bottle of Last Shot BourbonLast Shot Distilling Bourbon Whiskey Batch 14 30 Gallon Barrel Release

Damn fine for such a young whiskey.

Bottle of Gin No.1 by Detroit DistillingGin No.1 By Detroit City Distillery

An interesting and refreshing take on a London Dry Gin. Differently not your mothers’ old gin, but not so weird that you can’t recognize it AS a gin. Definitely recommend seeking it out!

Bottle of Breaking And Entering BourbonBreaking & Entering Bourbon Whiskey

Type: Blend

Breaking & Entering Bourbon is a Juvenile Delinquent, with lots of promising showing but a bit of a lightweight

Bottle of DubonnetDubonnet Rouge ( The NEW Dubonnet Rouge Version 2018 )

Much improved and cleaner taste than the previous incarnation. Highly recommend for a number of tasty cocktails or even by itself

Bottle of Don Q Pina RumDon Q Piña Flavored Rum

Type: Organic, Rhum Industrial

If you are looking for a pineapple flavored white rum, this is it. Both flavor and price point are outstanding

Bottle of Cold Spell Intense Mint WhiskeyCold Spell Intense Mint Whiskey

If you love sweet drinks you will love this. Do not want to imagine what the hangover would be like. Mint Whiskey Sugar Bomb.

Bottle of Stolen WhiskeyStolen Whiskey

Type: Smoked

Nice 11-year-old corn whiskey base with an infusion of smoke and toasted oak stave that can be a very much love it or hate it proposition.

Bottle of Deadwood Rye WhiskeyDeadwood Rye Whisky

Type: Rye

Interesting if not overly great young rye whiskey. Nice example of an early type of rye but not overly complex because of it.

Bottle of Stolen Smoked RumStolen Rum

A bit of a horror show of a rum, I don’t personally get it

Bottle of The Funk Jamaican RumThe Funk Jamaican Rum

Type: Pot Still, Rhum Industrial

Great, classic type of rum and cheap too boot! Fun, complex and odd, just the way we like them!

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