Pure luxury: Russia's best vodkas – Goose liquor

RBTH presents the five best vodkas from Russia.

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Are you planning to travel to Russia in the winter? Then you should definitely know the best Russian vodka brands. In the cold season, the drink not only warms you from the inside, but can also contribute to the unforgettable evening with the right snacks.

Each vodka is characterized by its own character and an unmistakable taste. In addition, appetizers and meals can be combined individually – regardless of whether you enjoy the spirit as a cocktail, pure or on ice. The vodka taste is especially good in combination with rich and salty snacks. The vodka must also be well cooled before sipping, preferably in the freezer.

1. Russki Standard Platinum

Probably one of the most famous Russian vodkas in the world, whose fame extends far beyond the borders of the country, is the Russki Standard Platinum. He must not miss any party in Italy, solemn receptions in the United States or in classy London and Parisian restaurants.

This vodka is characterized by a relatively neutral taste. The fourfold distillation and multiple filtration guarantee a pleasure free from fusel oils and other accompanying components. This brand is perfect as a base for many cocktails, but it can also be enjoyed well on its own. By the way: In combination with marinated olives or with salted herring fillets, vodka becomes an unforgettable taste experience!

2. Tsarskaya

This noble vodka from Saint Petersburg is made exclusively from durum wheat and water and purified in a multi-stage distillation process. The manufacturers have familiarized themselves with the manufacturing process of the noble brand in the times of the Russian imperial family Romanov. The modern production rests on this knowledge.

The taste of Zarskaya is best expressed in combination with black or red caviar with sliced ​​dark slices of bread. The vodka is also as a base of cocktails, especially as a shot, a pleasure.

3. Beluga

This ultra-premium vodka is considered one of the most expensive high-percentage fires in the Russian market. A special mention deserves the bottles in which the vodka is bottled. Carefully handcrafted, they are decorated with small beluga fish.

The vodka itself is very soft in the taste, accordingly it slides velvety like butter down the throat. Beluga is traditionally rich in rich Russian fish such as sturgeon, Beluga sturgeon and Sternhausen. The vodka tastes great with pate and duck terrine.

4. Beloe Zoloto (in English "White Gold")

Gingseng gives this vodka its unique, unmistakable taste. Beloe Zoloto is a bit snappy on the palate and lively on the finish. With rich salads, pickled mushrooms such as eyelash-milkling or Tannenreizker the vodka is pure pleasure. Because of its strong character, the vodka is not very good for cocktails.

5. Five Lakes Premium

This Siberian vodka is made from the purest waters of the Tajga region and the highest quality alcohol "alpha". "Five Lakes" (Russian "Pyat Ozer") refers to a hard to reach place on the border between the area Novosibirsk and Omsk. The vodka is characterized by its crystal clear purity and unmistakable taste. He is soft and velvety on the palate. Serve with traditional Siberian appetizers such as smoked omul or thin fillets of freshly frozen Siberian salmon Muksun.

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