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Punch recipes are among the most popular party drinks, which are particularly popular in summer. All aromatic mixed drinks that are served cool and prepared with white wine are known as bowls. A punch bowl is a refreshing thirst quencher on both warm and cold days, which contains little alcohol compared to other cocktails. In addition to alcohol, most punch recipes also include delicious fruits, such as B. Strawberries in summer or oranges and pineapples in the cold season.

Basis of the bowl: good wine

The basis of every punch recipe is, in addition to delicious pieces of fruit, a suitable white or red wine, which should not be too sweet and well chilled. After the fruits have been added, the punch is poured with sparkling wine. Alternatively, you can use gin or vodka instead of wine. However, the combination of wine and sparkling wine is the most common variant in the preparation of bowls. If you like it without alcohol, you can also use fruit juices such as wine instead of wine. B. Grab grape or apple juice and then mix them with mineral water.

Punch recipes – classic or American?

While the classic punch recipes are predominantly widespread on the German market, the "Cups" form a separate group in the large family of "American drinks". The bowl recipes in this category go far beyond the methods of preparation with wine, fruit, sugar and sparkling wine. While bowls are mostly served with little alcohol, the bowl recipes for the Americans are significantly higher. Liqueurs and schnapps are the main components of the liquids that are used in German bowl recipes with alcohol, at most as an admixture. In comparison to the cups, considering the alcohol content, the traditional Feuerzangenbowle is a harmless bowl recipe among the party drinks.

The world of recipes, in particular for bowling, has a large number of different types of preparation and ingredient variants that can be individually modified. On this website you will find the top bowl recipes that are equally suitable for hot summer days and for the cold season. Fruity bowls are a popular classic among bowls recipes for summer. A special party mix drink in winter is also a punch made with blood orange juice and white wine. The unbroken party favorite on New Year's Eve is still the Feuerzangenbowle, which has a long tradition among bowl recipes.

Classic or sprayed – alternatives for alcoholic bowls

For all party guests who do not want to drink their punch too much and still do not want to do without alcohol entirely, the spritzer is a good alternative to the classic punch containing alcohol. This party drink, also called "spritzter", is also very popular with young people at dance festivals. This drink is particularly light and also goes well with all buffet dishes. The difference to the punch bowl with alcohol is that the "sprayed" only consists of 50% red or white wine and is then diluted with mineral water. This drink is a popular alternative to cocktails or alcoholic punch bowls.

Tips that still need to be considered with a punch recipe

Although most punch bowl recipes only use wine and sparkling wine, you should avoid using the punch bowl with spirits. When using sugar, the following also applies: as much as necessary and as little as possible, since sugar also has a positive effect on alcohol levels. In the case of fruit, you should only use freshly matured or frozen products in all bowl recipes, whether with or without alcohol. Fruit that is soaked in sugar syrup removes this flavoring and the sugar content can then no longer be properly estimated. The taste of a punch is best when it is drunk well chilled. Therefore, avoid placing the bowl in a well-tempered room. We also advise against adding ice cubes to a punch recipe as this can lead to a watered-down taste.