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the essentials in brief

  • Pastis is an anise schnapps that is refined with numerous herbs. The taste is subtly reminiscent of licorice.
  • Pastis de Marseille tastes a bit spicier than pastis and usually contains slightly more alcohol (45% vol.).
  • Most pastis have sulfites added, which increase the shelf life of the schnapps. Allergy sufferers should avoid products with the preservative.

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For a long time, pastis was traded as an insider tip in German bars. meanwhile However, the French aniseed is also very popular in this country, Our buying advice will explain what is important for a good pastis.

So you can easily find your personal Pastis comparison winner – no matter whether you want to enjoy it neat or use it for delicious pastis cocktails or long drinks. More comparisons on the subject of spirits can be found here:

1. It's in French anise schnapps

Did you know?

Pastis was developed by farmers in Provence in response to a nationwide ban on absinthe. The name Pastis comes from the French word pastiche from what means imitation.

Pastis symbolizes the French joie de vivre like no other brandy. Due to its full-bodied taste Pastis has an appetizing effect, which is why we can especially recommend the spirit as an aperitif,

The basic ingredient is Anise that gives the pastis its characteristic liquorice taste, In addition to water and alcohol, sugar, fennel and liquorice roots are other components of the classic pastis recipe.

The drink is finally refined with herbs such as thyme, cumin or sage, Many manufacturers keep a low profile regarding their pastis recipe. In particular, the composition of the herbs is often a closely guarded company secret.

In contrast to absinthe the taste of the aniseed is characterized by a floral note, Enjoy the drink pastis mixed with water, the drink is particularly refreshing.

How does pastis get the typical anise taste? Pastis gets its characteristic taste from the fact that distilled alcohol is distilled again with the addition of anise and herbs. The addition of separately distilled anise extracts is also a common practice. The two methods are rarely combined.

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Pastis is reminiscent of liquorice. The origin of the aniseed is France.

2. How to serve pastis properly

There are many ways to serve a pastis schnapps. traditionally, the pastis schnapps is mixed with water, When mixing pastis, experts recommend the following mixing ratio:

  • 5 parts water (ideally ice water)
  • 1 part pastis

Mix the pastis with water, the liquid becomes milky due to a chemical reaction, One speaks of the so-called Louche effect. The addition of water makes the essential oils insoluble in alcohol.

The actually dark yellow coloring transforms into a kind of milky white yellow, Transparent or blue pastis (Pastis Bleu) are also rarely sold.

Analogous to many pastis tests on the Internet, recommends for larger rounds to offer a carafe filled with ice water for pastis. Tip: Always put ice cubes in the glass at the end. Pouring aniseed over the ice cubes can, according to Pastis online tests a slightly bitter taste arise,

glasses: You drink pastis in the proper style from a tall, narrow glass. In addition to the aniseed, well-known manufacturers also sell high-quality vessels (such as Pastis 51 glasses).

Pastis 51: Although the perfect mix ratio is 5 to 1, the number sequence refers to the year the company was founded – 1951.


The aniseed pastis is particularly popular in France.

3. Pastis or Pastis de Marseille? That is the difference

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Pastis de Marseille tastes a bit spicier than pastis.

In their research, the editorial team came across two names for pastis. While some manufacturers only market their drink as pastis, Most brands distribute the aniseed as Pastis de Marseille,

Spirits can be called pastis if the spice dominates anise. Also Herbs, seeds and plant extracts can be added to the recipe, Extracts from licorice are mandatory. The proportion of so-called glycyrrhizic acid must be 0.05 grams per liter or more.

The sugar content is also regulated. This must be less than 100 grams per liter, The anethole content – these are the essential oils in the anise extract – on the other hand, must be between 1.5 and 2 grams per liter.

Aniseed in the Pastis de Marseille category is based on the original recipe from the spirits manufacturer Paul Ricard and is characterized by a comparatively slightly bitter taste. This is achieved with an alcohol content of 45 percent and an anethole content of two grams per liter.

So if you prefer a more intense taste, Pastis de Marseille passes your personal pastis test. Are you not really familiar with anisees, A mild pastis is very good for getting started,

4. The alcohol content of pastis varies

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Henri Bardouin's pastis has an alcohol content of 45 percent.

Many pastis tests on the Internet report that the alcohol content differs. First of all, the difference moor between simple pastis and pastis de marseille:

During the former usually has an alcohol content of 40 percent, Pastis de Marseille (such as Henri Bardouin or Ricard pastis) contains slightly more alcohol. Since the aniseed is usually mixed with ice water, the relatively high alcohol content is less important than with other spirits.

The effect is shown in many pastis tests on the Internet described as invigorating and activating, Other Pastis de Marseille online tests characterize the intoxication as refreshingly foggy,

Few manufacturers produce non-alcoholic pastis. The Advantages and disadvantages of pastis with alcohol we have summarized for you below:

  • authentic taste
  • intoxicating effect
  • Responsiveness decreases
  • increased number of calories

Attention: Pastis (from Henri Bardouin or Ricard, for example) should only be enjoyed in moderation. If you have drunk alcohol, you should under no circumstances drive or cycle afterwards. Responsiveness decreases depending on type and constitution, while the risk of accidents increases. Every now and then you read that pastis is particularly healthy. However, this belongs in the realm of myths.

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Pastis can also be enjoyed pure.

5. Tasty recipes for cocktails or long drinks with pastis

Pastis schnapps is not just for pure enjoyment. In addition to the classic version with ice water the aniseed also knows how to convince as an ingredient for tasty cocktails,

The best pastis in combination with other schnapps, juices or grenadine unfolds completely new flavors. Below we present you three pastis-based drinks that you can easily mix at home,

What is the difference between pastis and pernod? Both Pastis and Pernod are aniseed. Unlike pastis, Pernod does not contain licorice.

6. Myth of sulfites: what is the preservative all about?

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Sulfites are preservatives that greatly increase the shelf life of wine and spirits.

Sulphites have an unfair reputation. The preservatives have an antimicrobial and antioxidant effect. Thereby the shelf life of schnapps, liqueurs and wines is significantly increased,

However, it must also be said that sulfites can trigger allergic reactions in a few people, Symptoms can include itching, diarrhea, or a racing heart.

Since 2005, a European Union directive on food labeling has prescribed that allergens on spirits must be transparently identified, Our product table at the beginning shows which pastis contain sulfites. notice: You can get aniseed in the well-stocked liquor store. Every now and then Pastis is available from Lidl, Edeka, Rewe or Kaufland. Pastis is also often available in other supermarkets and discounters. The easiest way to order is via the Internet (for example at Amazon). There you can often buy particularly cheap pastis.

7. Questions and answers about pastis

  • 7.1. How is pastis served?

    Pastis (from Duval, for example) is usually mixed with ice water in a ratio of 1 to 5, It is best to drink pastis from a tall, narrow glass. We have listed recipes for delicious cocktails with pastis in Chapter 5 for you. The Stiftung Warentest has not yet carried out a Pastis test.

  • 7.2. How many calories are in pastis?

    For our pastis comparison 2019/2020 we were able to determine: pastis contains an average of 225 kilocalories per 100 ml, The calorific value is around 942 kilojoules.

  • 7.3. Why does pastis become milky?

    If pastis is mixed with water, the so-called Louche effect occurs, Aniseed like pastis, absinthe or ouzo become milky because the essential oils of anise dissolve in alcohol, but hardly in water. At the interfaces between water and oil, light is scattered, making the liquid in the glass appear milky and cloudy.