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The mark Ortovox is the number one contact when it comes to mountain sports. The German company, based near Munich, became known through avalanche-buried-search devices (LVS). Here you will find the online shops where you can easily and conveniently buy Ortovox reduced sale.

Ortovox – The brand

In 1980 the company was founded by Gerald Kampel and J├╝rgen Wegner founded in 2011, which may belong to the Swan Stabilo Group since 2011. The label's focus is on four areas: apparel, avalanche transceivers, emergency equipment and backpacks. Already in its founding year, Ortovox launched the first Dual frequency device F2which should greatly facilitate the search for avalanche victims. Previously only LVS devices were in use, which could send and receive at two different frequencies. After only two years, the Ortovox F2 held the leading position. Motivated by this success, the company founders expanded their product range and launched the label's first deep snow backpack and avalanche shovel five years later, followed by wool apparel in 1988. In 1995, Ortovox and the sports world discovered this unique material merino, which is odorless, moisture and temperature regulating, soft, easy to clean and a renewable resource. So an absolute all-rounder and perfect for outdoor use! In the clothing category, Ortovox relies on wool and may also call itself a pioneer in this segment. As the only brand, they have a complete layer system – from First Layer to Third Layer – made from natural fiber. In 2011, Ortovox received the Skiaward from ISPO for its regional, ecological and sustainable production of Swisswool, Since the winter of that year, the brand has been using pure wool fibers for jackets and vests, which are produced by sheep from the Swiss canton of Valais. The shepherds receive a fair price for their wool, which is then further processed into wool fleece, which in turn is converted by Ortovox into mountaineering products with natural climatic comfort. In combination with other novel fibers highest functionality, protection and comfort can be guaranteed. Ortovox's production is located mainly in Europe, where almost 100% of the outerwear and nearly 60% of the entire clothing range are manufactured. The LVS devices are manufactured near Nuremberg.

Avalanche protection from Ortovox

The topic of avalanches is of the utmost importance for all mountaineers. Ortovox therefore has the project Safety Academy Lab An interactive website where you learn everything you need to know about avalanches through tutorials and learning tools. In the meantime, you can also book avalanche courses at Ortovox via their homepage and train the correct behavior for an emergency. This particular idea was also with the ISPO Award excellent! If you want to get to know the brand a bit better, you can watch the videos on the Ortovox Youtube channel.

The product range of Ortovox

Be over 30 years are the products of Ortovox for more fun and security in all physical activities in nature. Whether with the innovative Merino functional underwear, sporty-elegant jackets like the model Piz, West or practical Ortovox backpacks, with the products of Ortovox the sports fan always makes a good choice. Also iIn terms of avalanche protection, Ortovox has everything at its fingertips: from cleverly designed avalanche shovels, to avalanche transceivers, probes, backpacks, bivouacs and first aid kits. If you are on an exciting and adventurous mountain tour, you should first look around Ortovox, where there is a huge selection for men and women and equip themselves accordingly!

Ortovox has some special technologies in the assortment, which differ according to their characteristics and are used depending on the activity and use. Under Rock'n'Wool you can find articles made of pure merino wool. In addition, the label has the first full-surface set Merino Guardian Shell in program. The body – close position consists of pure merino wool, which with the Toray Dermizax EV membrane and the outer fabric is laminated. Advantages of this technology: high wearing comfort in jackets and pants as well as optimal temperature regulation. SwissWool Light Tec comes from Switzerland, as the name already suggests, and is used in insulation products. The material can absorb up to 35% of its own weight in moisture, without feeling wet, because the moisture is stored in the core. In summer it is pleasantly cool and cuddly warm in winter! Merino Cool is a symbiosis of wood and wool or merino wool and cellulose fibers made of eucalyptus wood. A great sustainable product for active outdoor fans. Merino fleece is a combination of merino wool on the inside and polyester as the outermost layer – together this gives a highly elastic, resistant and breathable product. Merino Naturetec Light is made for ski tourers, which consists of a blend of merino wool and softshell with windproof elements in sensitive areas.

The company is no longer known only for its avalanche search devices. Today, professionals and amateur athletes around the world appreciate these innovative and sophisticated items in the field of sportswear and equipment. The hallmark of the brand is the high functionality of the clothing while at the same time offering maximum wearing comfort. The Ortovox running trousers, for example, combine functional merino wool with synthetic fiber, which ensures optimum freedom of movement. This material mix ensures an incomparable moisture exchange, the muscle-friendly compression effect and a unique climate management. Details such as reflector logos, key pockets and flat seams that support the muscles ensure more safety and fun during all physical activities.

Ortovox softshell or hardshell jackets are waterproof, breathable and provide up to 200% stretch for optimal freedom of movement. Generous underarm ventilation and 2-way zips are just some of the practical details that every Ortovox jacket has to offer. Last but not least, the backpacks of the company convince with their equipment and the materials used. Special back protectors protect the spine, while also providing sufficient storage space. They also feature details such as helmet attachment, hydration system preparation, breathable mesh straps and reflective light mount – no wonder the brand's success is unbroken. You can also find other high-quality avalanche equipment and clothing at Deuter, Evoc, ABS and Black Diamond and we know the online shops where you can buy these brands as well as Ortovox reduced in the sale.