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As popular as strawberries are, they are of course used as a base for various drinks. But the production is not that easy. The strawberry schnapps alone relies on a special way of burning. Due to the nutmeg, the mash must not stand too long, otherwise the fragrance below suffers. Therefore, the nutlets are often separated before the fermentation of the mash by the mash is passed.

In general, strawberry brandy tastes very aromatic and delicately fruity, provided appropriate aromatic varieties have been used. Therefore, the aroma is perceived as long-lasting and concentrated. In addition to the red color, one recognizes the schnapps also the mild taste. In addition, strawberry schnapps usually needs to be stored for about two years to be mature.

Furthermore, the strawberry fruit brandy – which can only be called so if it was distilled and not just used – is produced in South Tyrol. However, he can also be made by himself. The average alcohol content is 34%.

Moreover, there are still some differences between the terms, whether strawberry schnapps, strawberry liqueur or strawberry limes.

Difference – strawberry brandy, limes and liqueur

The categorization of the different terms is important because they vary considerably. Because strawberry lime is not a schnapps, as the alcohol content and the fruit juice content are different. For example, the fruit content at Limes is much higher in contrast to the alcohol content. Strawberry limes are made on the basis of fruit puree. Therefore, they are usually thicker than liqueurs.

The difference between schnapps and liqueur is often not clearly shown. But the main difference is the process. Since liqueurs are based on flavored liqueurs, they have a high sugar content, while the alcohol content is relatively lower. Therefore, liqueurs are usually enjoyed in small glasses and at a cool room temperature. Their consistency can be creamy or fruity. This is different with schnapps, as they are produced from the distillation process. This creates a high alcohol content of at least 40%.

Make strawberry schnapps yourself

Following instructions can be followed step by step to make everything easy. Among other strawberry schnapps and strawberry liqueur are used as ingredients for some recipes, you can find them here.

Make Strawberry Times yourself


1 kg strawberries
200 g powdered sugar
200 ml lime juice
200 ml water
500 ml Vodka


  1. Wash strawberries and chop them
  2. Puree, add powdered sugar, water, vodka and lime juice and stir well
  3. Put in a rum pot or a bottle, seal well and keep in a refrigerator
  4. recommendation: Goes well with ice

Make strawberry liqueur yourself


500 g strawberries
1 liter strawberry juice
1 vanilla bean
48 g Bourbon vanilla sugar
at will lemon
1 liter Kornbrand schnapps


  1. Thoroughly clean the strawberries with drinking water, cut well and remove the green
  2. Puree strawberries
  3. Boil strawberry paste with vanilla sugar, strawberry juice and vanilla pod
  4. Add a dash of lemon as needed
  5. Then mix with the grain brandy and add a little more lemon at will
  6. recommendation: Drink brandy with cream

Strawberry brandy with vodka recipe


500 g sugar
1 liter strawberry schnapps
1 liter water
1 kg strawberries
750 ml lemon juice


  1. Bring water together with sugar to a boil
  2. Wash strawberries well, puree and add
  3. Mix the lemon juice and vodka together with the remaining ingredients. Finally, paint over a sieve
  4. Pour into a rum pot or bottle
  5. recommendation: Tastes delicious with chocolate ice cream

Red groats with strawberry schnapps

1.5 liters strawberry schnapps
1 kg strawberries
500 g rock candy
  1. Put the pureed strawberries together with sugar candy, vanilla pod and schnapps in a rum pot, seal well
  2. Leave for about 2 weeks (or until the candy completely dissolves)
  3. Seven, decant and serve

Strawberry ice cream with liqueur

1 kg strawberries
4 slices pumpernickel
Ingredients for the sauce:
2 cups Creme fraiche Cheese
4 tbsp milk
2 tbsp strawberry schnapps
2 tbsp honey
  1. Wash strawberries and chop them, remove the green
  2. Finely grate the pumpernickel, roast briefly and allow to cool
  3. Cream with milk, honey and grain over the strawberries and stir well
  4. Sprinkle pumpernickel over it