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Getting a visa to enter Russia (tourist, business or student visa) is easier than it seems. In this article, I'll show you how to get all the documents you need electronically from your PC in less than an hour and everything quickly and cheaply.

(Written on June 18, 2015. Updated on August 1, 2019)

Tourist visa to Russia 2


I have applied for tourist visas for Russia several times for family members and friends. Since the process of settlement is still with excessive bureaucracy many companies have discovered this as a business in itself.

However, despite all the formalities, it is not all that difficult to settle if you decide to take everything into your own hands. In this article, I will try to explain all the steps as clearly and simply as possible (In this other article I explain how to get the visa for traveling to China).

Important note in advance:

This text is intended for German citizens who wish to obtain a visa for a stay in Russia. The steps described are the same for Swiss and Austrian citizens. The only difference is that Austrian citizens have to submit their application to the Austrian Center for Russian Visas in Vienna or Salzburg. Swiss citizens must submit their application to the Swiss Center for Russian Visas in Bern or Geneva.

  • Russian visa center in Germany (Berlin, Bonn, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich):
  • Russian visa center in Austria (Vienna, Salzburg):
  • Russian visa center in Switzerland (Bern, Geneva):

If you have booked a fully organized vacation trip to Russia, it is very likely that the travel agency will take care of the visa process and only request the necessary documents from you. Here it should be noted that the costs are higher than with own handling.

1. Questions in advance

Before discussing the details of the Russian visa processing process, some questions need to be clarified in advance to better understand the process.

1.1. What is a visa and how can I apply for it?

The visa is only an entry, residence or transit permit for / through Russian territory for persons of other nationalities. It is a document that is attached to the passport.

If you are a German citizen you need a visa to enter Russia. However, some citizens of other nationalities do not need a visa, as Russia has bilateral agreements with these countries. These include, for example, the countries of the former USSR such as Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, etc. It is comparable to the freedom of travel of Germans in the European countries.

1.2. Which different visa types are there?

Depending on the travel reason 7 different visa types are issued:

  • tourist visa, This is the most common type of visa and as the name suggests, it is tourism travel. The visa is issued for a maximum of 30 days.
  • business visa, This visa is for business travel in Russia. These are commercial activities or negotiations.
  • study Permit, They are issued for study programs in the Russian Federation.
  • work visa, It is a visa necessary for gainful employment in Russia.
  • Humanitärvisum, This visa is for stays associated with the cultural exchange (sporting events or events and events of scientific / technical, social-political, religious or humanitarian background).
  • private visa, This visa is issued to visitors of Russian individuals living in the Russian Federation.
  • transit visa, It is a visa for transit travel through the Russian Federation (this visa is not necessary if it is a stopover and the person does not leave the international transit area of ​​the airport or overflies the area without stopping).

Generally, all types of visas are handled very similarly. The only significant difference is the so-called invitation letter, If it is a tourist visa, the hotel should issue a letter of invitation, in the case of a business visa, the Russian company inviting you and the study visa is the responsibility of the Russian Education Institute.

1.3. Where is the visa applied for?

Private persons can apply for the visa at the Russian consulates in Germany (Berlin, Bonn, Frankfurt, Munich, Leipzig and Hamburg) and also at the Russian visa center, The latter is an independent company that works with the consulates and has administrative offices in the same cities.

I will now explain the advantages and disadvantages of these two application points.

Option 1: Consulates of the Russian Federation in Germany

Consulate General Russian

In Germany you can find the following consulates of the Russian Federation which you can contact:

Consulate General 1 Russian


  • The only advantage is that the processing of the visa at the embassies is a bit cheaper. A standard processing costs 35 euros and 70 euros in the case of an express application. The 27 Euro processing fees charged by the Russian Visazentrum are waived


  • The visa can not be handled by a courier service and therefore one of the consulates must be visited
  • You have to make an appointment and most likely you will not get a short-term appointment or you will even be put on a waiting list. Some consulates even give no dates and recommend the settlement through the Russian Visazentrum

Appointment booking at the consular departments in Berlin, Bonn, Munich and Frankfurt:

Option 2: Russian visa center

In recent years, the number of visa applications for Russia has increased significantly from Germany. For this reason, and also to accelerate the settlement, the Russian visa center was authorized to handle and approve visa applications. The Russian visa center is operated by the private company VFS Global (since 2017, prior to VHS Visa Handling Services).

Vissum for Russia VFS Global

Since then, the Russian Visas Center has been the authorized agency for the processing of visas for Russia travel. The Russian Visas Center and Consular Offices have offices in the same German cities.

The Russian Visas Center acts as a mediation agent between the applicant and the consular department. She receives the documentation and forwards it to the responsible consular department for her processing. The decision on issuing the visa meets the consulate.


The consular departments recommend that you carry out the processing via the Russian visa center on your website. They try to reduce their workload.

All other websites offering visas for Russia are NOT AUTHORIZED BODIES but private companies acting as intermediaries. The final price will be answered in this case.


  • Long opening hours (closed on Saturdays and Sundays)
  • Appointments can be booked quickly and easily
  • Some Visa centers provide the service to send documents by courier service
  • Some paid services are offered in the offices, such as completing the application form or making photocopies


  • In return for the better service, we charge 30 Euros per visa

So far, I have always handled visas through the Russian Visas Center, as it is the easiest and fastest way to settle. In the consular departments, however, you have to wait long to wait until you get an appointment.

  1. Russian visa center in Berlin
    Charlottenstrase 62, 1st floor, 10117 Berlin
    Telephone: +49 (0) 30 221 95 753
    application delivery
    Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pmPass pickup
    Monday to Friday from 15:00 to 17:00
  2. Russian visa center in Bonn
    Burgstrasse 54, 1st floor, 53177 Bonn
    Telephone: +49 (0) 228-28609520
  3. Russian Visa Center in Frankfurt am Main
    Schumannstrasse 27 EC, 60325 Frankfurt
    Telephone: +49 069-20171836
  4. Russian visa center in Hamburg
    Ground floor, Kanalstrasse 14a, 22085 Hamburg
    Telephone: +49 (0) 40-34859088
  5. Russian visa center in Leipzig
    Lutzowstrasse 11, 3rd floor, 04155 Leipzig
    Telephone: +49 (0) 341-25077069
  6. Russian Visa Center in Munich
    Unsöldstrasse 2 EG, 80538 Munich
    Telephone: +49 (0) 89-12189214

Option # 3: Private agencies

One last option is to use the services of a private agency responsible for managing the entire visa management. The main advantage is the comfort (they take care of everything). The main drawback is that the price will be higher.

King Tours

For example, König Tours offers Visa processing services for which you must complete your form and make the payment. You can check the requirements (for tourist, business or private visas) using this form.

Apply for visa online now


Another visa agency is Viselio. With this code you get a discount of 5%: VISA5

Visa for Russia - now Russia apply for visa online - Viselio

Viselio discount code

1.4. How much is a visa?

The cost of obtaining the visa consists of two parts:

  • The consular departments demand processing fees for the visa (consular fees). In the case of a standard visa, it is 35 euros (the processing time is 4-10 days from the submission of the documents) or 70 euros for an express visa (the processing time is 1-3 days). The Russian visa center requires 30 euros processing fees.
  • The following costs are added to the processing fees:
    • Invitation letter or visa support (Mandatory). With a tourist visa, you should get the document for free from the hotel, but in practice the hotels often ask for the exhibition. The cheapest price for this is 16-18 euros (below I will explain how you can get this document in PDF format for this price in about 5 minutes).
    • Health insurance (Mandatory). The price of a health insurance is about 12 Euro (below I will explain to you how you can apply for the insurance in a simple way and online in about 5-10 minutes).

Recently, I handled 4 visas for a 10-day trip to Russia via the Russian visa center. The approximate costs for this are as follows:

  • 65 euros per visa (35 euros consular fees + 30 euros processing fees)
  • 12 Euro per person for health insurance (I have taken out insurance with Hanse Merkur)
  • 16 euros per person for invitation letter
  • Total cost per visa: 92 euros

1.5. When should one start with the processing of the visa?

The processing and the receipt of the documents can take time and therefore my recommendation is to begin already 2 months before the journey. However, if you already have your passport and will request all the documents online (as I have already described), then you can process the visa in 2 weeks (or even in less time, if you use the express service).

2. Processing steps for obtaining the visa to Russia

To get the visa you need the following documents:

  • Application form of the visa (fill in electronically, print out, sign and provide a passport photo)
  • passport (the original is necessary, copies are not accepted)
  • invitation letter or visa support (a confirmation to accept a foreign tourist from a tour operator registered in the United Federal Tourist Register
  • Health insurance for the stay
  • On documentthat confirms that sufficient financial resources ensure return to the country of origin (payroll, income tax return, bank confirmation, business registration, etc.)

I'll explain the steps (sequential) needed to get the visa. I leave the application form for the end, as this is some data of invitation letter and health insurance needed and must be certain when and which cities you will visit. I therefore advise you to collect all necessary documents and then fill in the application form.

Step # 1. Valid passport

german-passport "width =" 300 "height =" 225 "srcset =" 300w, https: // russlande. en / wp-content / uploads / 2015/06 / english-passport.jpg 400w, 240w "sizes =" ( max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px "/> In order to request a visa, it is essential to have a passport valid for at least 6 months (from the date of return) and at least 2 contiguous pages must be available that you have to submit the original, as the visa is stuck in the passport.</p>
<h3><span id=Step # 2. Plan Itinerary: Cities and Hotels

The visa must state the arrival and departure dates and therefore the travel dates must be fixed.

To get the visa is It is not obligatory to already have air ticketsbut note the following:

  • If you apply for the visa first and then buy the flight tickets, you may not get flights for the date you want or you may be much more expensive as you often get cheaper flights ahead of time.
  • However, it may also be that you are buying a plane ticket in advance (as you may have found a cheap flight) and that you will not receive the visa afterwards (but I do not know anyone who has been denied a visa).

Once the arrival and departure date is fixed, you should set up a travel plan and decide which cities you want to visit and in which hotels / apartments you will stay:

  • In the application form you have to indicate which cities you will visit and if you will arrive one or more times. Normally the visa is required for a single entry, however, you may want to travel to Finland and then return to San Petersburg. You may also want to visit a neighboring country such as China or Mongolia with the Trans-Siberian Railway or countries like Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan or Georgia are on your itinerary. For this reason, it is very important that you know which cities you want to visit and how often you will travel in and out.
  • It is not bad if you apply for a longer visa than necessary, but the arrival and departure must be in this period.
  • For the letter of invitation or visa support (later I explain what this is) you need to know in which hotel or apartment you will spend the night. In practice, however, this information is not really relevant, as it is not bad if you stay in another hotel or Airbnb apartment afterwards (it may be that after you get your visa, you find a cheaper place to stay – which is possible occurrence). It is only important that the accommodation is in the same city.
  • Many people would like me to recommend a hotel to them, but it's not easy for me, as it's a personal taste and budget. I recommend the Web to search for hotels in Moscow or Saint Petersburg (or other cities you will visit). It is advisable to check the reviews of other hotel guests (I always do that before I book a hotel)

For booking hotels in Russia I can recommend two websites: Ostrovok and

Some good hotels in Moscow:

And in St. Petersburg:

More information about hotels in this article: Accommodation in Russia: How to choose one and where to book cheaper

Travel example of a trip to Russia:

  • Travel dates: from 21st to 30th July 2018 (10 days):
    • Stay in Saint Petersburg from the 21st to the 24th of July
    • Nocturnal train crossing (railway "Red Arrow") from St. Petersburg to Moscow on the night of July 24 (I recommend to buy train tickets directly on the official website of Russian Railways RZD)
    • Stay in Moscow from the 25th to the 30th of July

Step # 3. How do I get the Invitation Letter / Visa Support?

The invitation letter (also Visa Support Letter) is the most important, but also the most controversial document. One must not confuse the letter of invitation with the hotel reservation, this is not the same. The hotel reservation is not necessary to get the visa.

It is a document that is essential for obtaining the visa and this document confirms that a person, institution, hotel or Russian company invites you to visit it. The hotel you are going to stay in, a Russian family member, a Russian company you are visiting for business purposes, or a Russian university you are visiting for study purposes can issue you this document.

Of the "Visa Support Letter is the most common way to get a tourist visa, This is a DINA 4 document you receive from the hotel. The document has two different but very similar parts:

  • Of the Contract for tourist services (Tourist Voucher). This document confirms that you have made a hotel reservation in Russia. This section will show your personal information, the cities you will visit, the services the hotel offers and the confirmation that you have paid for the hotel booking.
  • The Confirmation of the reception of foreign tourists (Confirmation Letter). As the name suggests, it is the hotel's confirmation that you will be welcomed as a guest. This document will also show your personal details and the accommodations in which you will spend the night. This part contains data that you need for the application form. Below I give a real visa support example in which I mark this data in yellow:
    • Name of organization: Visa Service, LLC
    • address: Leninsky Avenue 153 А office 706 St Petersburg 196247
    • Reference number: 015681
    • Confirmation number: in the above example is 106233, but note that it is different for each invitation.

Here is a screenshot of a real invitation letter so that it is easier to understand (I have deleted the personal information):

Invitation letter to Russia - iVisa

How do I get the visa support document for a tourist visa? You have two options:

Option # 1: Apply for the document directly at the hotel. You can send it to you by fax or e-mail. The hotel would have to send you the document for free, but in practice, they often charge for the exhibition (between 20 and 40 euros).

Option 2: Hand over the letter of invitation to self-direction, This is the option I always use because it's fast and economical. There are several companies through which you can receive an invitation letter to Russia online. The good thing about this option is that you can change your hotel once you have received the visa. Note that you can get the visa without hotel reservation. In which hotel you stay the night does not matter, because you can always change the hotel reservations (it is quite possible that you will find a better and cheaper hotel after receiving the visa or one that you like better.You are not obligated in the first Hotel to stay).

On the last visas I did, I chose two hotels at random (one hotel in Saint Petersburg and the second one in Moscow), but the night did not take place in either. However, it is important to specify the right cities.

The best ways to get the invitation letter quickly are:

  • iVisa (17,90 €)
  • Russia Support (16,90 €)
  • HotelsPro (1200 rubles – 17 €)

To be considered: If you are in Airbnb Apartments If you are staying in a hotel, enter "Apartment + mailing address in Russia" instead of the hotel.


iVisa is one of the best systems to receive a letter of invitation to Russia. With the company iVisa you receive the invitation letter in 5 minutes for 17,90 Euro. You will receive the invitation letter immediately after the payment. You can pay by credit card or Paypal.

You can purchase the invitation letter via this link ::

The form is easy to fill. Here is an example:

1. Information

visa-support-for-russia-for-australian-citizens-12. Payment

visa-support-for-russia-for-australian-citizens-23. Payment: PayPal or credit card


4. Download invitation

After payment, you can download the invitation letter in PDF format. You will also receive the invitation in your e-mail. An example:

Visa-invitation-voucher-Germany "width =" 1006 "height =" 706 "srcset =" 1006w, 300w, -invitation-voucher-Germany-768x539.jpg 768w "sizes =" (max-width: 1006px) 100vw, 1006px "/></p>
<p>The information you need to complete the visa application:</p>
<li><strong>Name of organization</strong>: Visa Service, LLC</li>
<li><strong>address</strong>: Leninsky Avenue 153 А office 706 St Petersburg 196247</li>
<li><strong>Reference number</strong>: 015681</li>
<li><strong>Confirmation number</strong>: in the above example is 106233, but note that it is different for each invitation.</li>
<h4><span id=Russia Support

Another excellent option is Russia Support. The invitation letter is cheaper, costs 16,90 Euro, You can pay by credit card or Paypal. As a rule, they send the letter of invitation quickly (within a few minutes), sometimes it can take several hours.

You can purchase the invitation letter via this link:

The form is easy to fill:

1. Information

Invitation to Russia - Russia Support 1

Invitation en Russie - Russia Support 22.Confirmation

Invitation to Russia - Russia Support - Russia Support 3

3rd payment

Invitation to Russia - Russia Support - Russia Support 4

Invitation to Russia - Russia Support - Russia Support 5

4. Invitation

Invitation to Russia - Russia Support - Russia Support 5

The information you need to complete the visa application:

  • Name of organization: VOYAGE EXPO, Ltd
  • address: Russia, 109382 Moscow, 129 Lublinskaya str
  • Reference number: 017740
  • Confirmation number: in the above example is 166407, but note that it is different for each invitation.


It is a company registered as a tour operator and authorized by the competent Ministry for the issuing of letters of invitation. Of the The price of the invitation letter is 1200 rubles (about 17 euros).

You will receive the letter of invitation via the following reservation form:

You will find a form that can be completed in German and is divided into two parts. In the first part you have to specify the type of visa (single or multiple entry), the arrival and departure dates and the itinerary. If you visit several cities, you can choose the option "add city". In the example below, I have listed the hotels which I have chosen at random for the last visa. You can, however, enter any (either the hotels you have booked or others).

The second part of the form consists of the personal data of the travelers. To specify additional travelers you only have to choose the field "Add guest". Next you have to enter the correct e-mail address to which the visa support should be sent and finally you have to check that you agree to the conditions and activate the field "your visa invitation".

Order Visa Invitation support Germany 1

On the next page, you will need to enter your credit or debit card details to make the advance payment: card number (16 digits), expiration date, name and the CVV Code (Card Verification Value). Once you have entered the data you can confirm the payment with the green button.

Order Visa Invitation support Germany 2

In red, I have marked you the data you need for the application form:

5 Visa support

Step # 4: Travel medical insurance for your stay in Russia

All foreigners belonging to the Schengen zone (Germany is part of it) must present a valid travel health insurance covering the costs of repatriation for medical reasons and medical care and / or emergency treatment in the hospital. The insurance must be valid for the entire stay and the minimum cover must be 30,000 euros.

The insurance can be taken out through one of the authorized German insurance companies. You can consult this link.

Option No. 1: HanseMerkur

I have traveled with several insurance companies and the authorized company HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG is the one that suits me the most Price, coverage and easy online processing concerns, HanseMerkur specializes in travel insurance. Here her website: HanseMerkur.

The Insurance can be completed easily and quickly online in just a few steps, You will receive your travel insurance immediately in electronic form and only have to print it out. Travel insurance for a 10-day trip to Russia costs approx. 12 euros,

To conclude the travel insurance, you only need to select the field "foreign health insurance". There are different types of insurance, depending on the travel theme and the length of the trip. If you are traveling for a short time (less than 1 month) you can choose the international travel insurance and start the buying process with the field "book now".

Complete foreign travel health insurance online

The buying process includes the following steps:

  1. dates, Here you must specify the travel period (the period must cover the specified travel period in the application form). In addition, the number of travelers and their date of birth must be stated. Next, choose the destination: "Worldwide without USA / Canada" and confirm the field "Offer"

3 travel insurance

  1. Now that appears complete offer on the one hand for a "short trip" or for one year travel health insurance

4 travel insurance

  1. Your personal information. Here you must enter your personal details and credit card payment details

5 travel insurance

  1. Verification of the data
  1. Confirmation of the insurance. You will receive your travel insurance in PDF format immediately and can now print it out

Option # 2: Cherehapa

Another good option is the Russian company Cherehapa (Liberty Insurance), recommended by the Russian Visa Center:

Cherehapa Trabvel Insurance Russia

Cherehapa Travel Insurance Russia 2

Cherehapa Travel Insurance Russia - Example

Step # 5: Confirmation of Sufficient Funds

German citizens are also required to produce a document confirming sufficient financial resources to allow them to return. This document is easily obtained. Depending on your situation – employee, self-employment, retiree or student – you will need to submit the following documents:

  • Proof of regular income through work and earnings certificate
  • Registration certificate of your own company (business registration)
  • Tax return o. Notification from the tax consultant
  • statement of account
  • Pensioner card / Pensioner's letter
  • Student ID / BAFöG Opinion / Immatrikulationsbescheingung
  • Deed

You can also talk to your travel agent and ask them to send you a letter confirming their return to their country of origin and confirming that they are paying the costs (link to the document)

Step # 6: Completing the Visa Application Form

Once all check-in and check-out details have been obtained, you have your valid passport, health insurance and letter of invitation, you can start by completing the visa application form.

The form can be completed online via the following website:

You will need to provide your personal information, your travel reason (tourism, business, study purposes, etc.), your itinerary with dates and the details of your insurance, as well as some other data that I will show you now.

In the beginning, you have to specify your country of origin and choose a language for the help texts. You must confirm that you have read the preceding information and finally field "Complete new application form" to confirm.

You will see that the form is in English but German help texts appear on the right side.

1 Complete the electronic visa application

You can only half fill in the form and add another one to the rest of the day, but it is important that you keep a record of the added code you are getting, as you will be asked to log in again for this code, your last name and a security question.

The first data that the system asks of you concerning the "details of the requested visa" are the following:

  • nationality
  • Did you have Russian citizenship or one of the former USSR countries in the past?
  • Your travel reason and the visa type
  • How often will you enter? (single / multiple)
  • Travel plan (appointments)

Once you have completed this data confirm the field "Next":

2 Complete the electronic visa application

Auf der nächsten Seite musst du deine persönlichen Daten angeben, genau wie sie in deinem Reisepass erscheinen:

  • Nachname (Surname)
  • Name (First name)
  • Hattest du andere Namen, Decknamen, etc.?
  • gender
  • Geburtsdatum (date of birth)
  • Geburtsort (place of birth)
  • Bist du in Russland geboren?

Gebrauche Grossbuchstaben und verwende keine Diäresen, da das System diese nicht annimmt:

3 Ausfüllen des elektronischen Visumantrags

Auf der nächsten Seite musst du deine Reisepassdaten angeben:

  • Reisepassnummer (es ist die Nummer die gelöchert auf allen Seiten deines Reisepasses erscheint)
  • Ausstellungsdatum
  • Gültigkeitsdatum

4 Ausfüllen des elektronischen Visumantrags

In dem Abschnitt, in dem sie dich über deinen Reiseplan befragen, musst du die Daten des Einladungsschreibens angeben (auf diesen Punkt habe ich mich vorhin bezogen):

  • Travel company oder Touristengesellschaft (wenn es sich um ein Touristenvisum handelt). Zum Beispiel:
    • Visa Service, LLC
    • VOYAGE EXPO, Ltd
    • Hotels Pro
  • Anschrift der Firma/Gesellschaft
  • Referenznummer
  • Bestätigungsnummer

Note: Solltest du mehrere Einladungsschreiben haben, dann ist es ausreichend, wenn du die Daten des ersten Einladungsschreibens notierst.

Es ist auch nötig, dass du deinen Reiseplan angibst (die Städte, die du besuchen wirst) und den Namen deiner Versicherungsgesellschaft (zum Beispiel HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG). Es ist auch empfehlenswert, neben der Versicherungsgesellschaft auch die Reiseversicherungsnummer anzugeben. Beachte hierbei, dass das System weder Kommas noch Punkte akzeptiert.

5 Ausfüllen des elektronischen Visumantrags

Im Anschluss musst du deine Kontaktdaten und die Daten deines Arbeitsgebers oder Studieninstituts angeben. Die obligatorischen Felder sind mit einem roten Sternchen versehen. Gegebenenfalls müssen die Kinder unter 16 Jahren, welche in deinem Reisepass vermerkt sind und mit dir reisen, angeben werden.

6 Ausfüllen des elektronischen Visumantrags

Zuletzt musst du angeben wo du das Visum beantragen wirst. Du kannst hier zwischen den Konsulaten und den Büros des Russischen Visazentrums deiner Gegend wählen.

7 Ausfüllen des elektronischen Visumantrags

Nach der Eingabe aller Daten erhältst du eine Zusammenfassung der Daten, für den Fall, dass du etwas ändern möchtest. Sollten alle Daten richtig sein, sein kannst du das Feld „Speichern“ bestätigen. Auf der nächsten Seite kannst du sehen, wie das fertige Formular im PDF-Format heruntergeladen werden kann. Hier musst du lediglich „Antrag in Format A4“ drücken.

9 Ausfüllen des elektronischen Visumantrags

Das Resultat unseres fiktiven Beispiels wäre folgendes:

10 Ausfüllen des elektronischen Visumantrags

Wie du hier sehen kannst, erscheinen die meisten der Daten, die du während dem Prozess eingegeben hast. Wenn du sehen möchtest, wie das Resultat als PDF-Dokument ausschaut, musst du lediglich auf den Link: Beispiel für Visaanfrage (PDF).

ACHTUNG, Seit April 2016 hat sich das PDF-Formular das Format geändert:

Neue russische Visumantragsformular

Schritt Nr. 7. Formular ausdrucken, unterschreiben und ein Foto aufkleben

Drucke nun das Formular aus, vermerke das Datum und vergiss nicht zu unterschreiben und ein Foto aufzukleben. Es muss ein Originalfoto sein (Fotokopien werden nicht akzeptiert) mit den Massen 3,5 x 4,5 cm. Das Foto muss ausserdem farbig sein, von vorne aufgenommen und mit weisem Hintergrund. Du darfst ausserdem keine getönte Brille oder Mütze tragen.

Schritt Nr. 8. Einreichen der Dokumente bei dem Russischen Visazentrum (oder im Konsularbüro)

Sobald du über alle Dokumente verfügst, musst du zuletzt diese Dokumente im entsprechenden Büro deiner Gegend abgeben. Egal ob es sich um das Russische Visazentrum oder einer der Konsularbüros handelt, musst du einen Termin vereinbaren, Einige Visa-Zentren bieten den Service, Dokumente per Kurierdienst zu senden.

Zu berücksichtigen:

Wenn Sie Ihren Antrag an das Russische Visazentrum per Post stellen möchten, benötigen wir neben anderen Unterlagen ebenfalls eine ausgedruckte und von Ihnen unterschriebene Einwilligungserklärung gemäß Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. a der EU Datenschutzgrundverordnung Nr. 2016/679 vom 27. April 2016. Diese können Sie hier runterladen.

Hinweis! Falls Sie den Visumantrag für Dritte (Familienmitglieder, Freunde, KollegInnen etc.) oder eine Gruppe stellen möchten, wird neben anderen Unterlagen Folgendes benötigt:

  1. Eine einfache Vollmacht zur Antragstellung mit Reisepassdaten (Name, Geburtsdatum sowie Reisepassnummer) des Antragstellers sowie der Vertreter des Antragstellers.
  2. Eine ausgefüllte sowie unterschriebene Einwilligungserklärung (gemäß Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. a der EU Datenschutzgrundverordnung Nr. 2016/679 vom 27. April 2016) von jedem/jeder AntragstellerIn. Die Einwilligungserklärung finden Sie hier.


Wenn du dein Russland-Visum selbst abwickeln möchtest, dir jedoch nicht den Kopf zerbrechen möchtest, dann ist die einfachste Lösung alles über das autorisierte Russische Visazentrum abzuwickeln. Das Visa kostet dich 65 Euro (hier sind bereits die 30 Euro Bearbeitungsgebühren inbegriffen).

Solltest du bereits deinen Reisepass haben (bedenke, dass du den Originalreisepass einreichen musst), dann kannst du die restlichen Dokument, die du für die Visaabwicklung benötigst, ganz einfach und günstig in weniger als 1 Stunde über das Internet erhalten:

  • The Einladungsschreiben erhältst du für 16-18 Euro über die Internetseite: iVisa, Russia Support oder HotelsPro.
  • The Reiseversicherung kannst du für 12 Euro bei der Firma HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG beantragen.
  • As Bestätigung über ausreichende finanzielle Mittel kannst du eine eine Kopie einer Gehaltsabrechnung, Einkommenssteuererklärung, etc. einreichen.
  • Das Ausfüllen des Visa-Antragsformulars erfolgt gebührenfrei über die Internetseite: Das Formular muss ausgedruckt und unterschrieben werden, ausserdem muss ein Passfoto aufgeklebt werden.

Sobald du über alle Dokumente verfügst, reiche sie selber oder über einen Kurierdienst ein (nur in den Zentren, die diesen Service anbieten). In einem Zeitraum von 4 – 10 Arbeitstagen solltest du dein Russland-Visum vorliegen haben (1 – 3 Tage im Fall von einer Expressbearbeitung).

Ich hoffe, dass dir dieser Artikel bei deiner Visumsbeantragung für Russland hilfreich ist

Thanks a lot!

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