How to check, fake vodka or not? – Goose liquor

The most popular destination for counterfeiting is vodka. The reason is simple – drinks are guaranteed sales. Their counterfeits are economically advantageous as they require a minimum of cost.

Singe vodka is produced in subway stores that uses low quality raw materials. Alcohol goes to the shops in the guise of famous brand products, with labels, banderoles and fake documents.

The use of such a product could have negative consequences, including death. According to doctors who regularly drink these drinks, not to 40 years of extermination, people live in their bodies very quickly. Often in this vodka it contains the strongest poison – methanol. It has a taste and smell of food alcohol, but the price is much lower. At the beginning of methyl alcohol is intoxicating, like a real vodka. After some time there are signs by which to judge the severe poisoning, but they can easily be confused with the usual hangover, so people do not go to the doctor right away. This type of alcohol leads to heart attack, stroke, blindness, constant headaches and other serious health problems.

Unfortunately, this product can also be bought in a shop. How to check, fake vodka or not?

Signs of a forgery

The vodka has a long history. Appear this drink during Russia's transition to three fields of crop cultivation. This resulted in the production of an incredible harvest. Grains people had in abundance, and it had something to do with it. The result has been the emergence of vodka – the product of fermentation and distillation of wheat. Somewhat later, I.D. Mendeleevym determined the ideal ratio of water and alcohol. This made it possible to release a product that soon became known throughout the world.

The demand for these drinks led to the birth of many ways to fake. Fake vodka was sold for the price of the original. Producers of counterfeit products have demonstrated ingenuity and even learned to counterfeit containers with labels and banderoles, special plugs and certificates. Therefore, consumers are interested in the question: "How to identify fake vodka?"


The cheapness of an alcoholic beverage in the first place to be vigilant. Usually in the different shops of alcohol costs approximately the same. For the price, it is possible to guess what vodka scorches. However, this is characteristically sometimes insufficient to determine the quality of the product. Fake manufacturers can install the same price as in the shops.

point of sale

More often than not fake vodka found on the shelves of the stores. To protect themselves, buy goods in large supermarkets, where you at least receive a check that confirms the fact of purchase. This will help to prove the fault of the store if necessary. But even in the supermarkets you can buy a fake, if it has the same certificates and tax stamps, the quality vodka.

Quality capping

How to distinguish a fake vodka on this basis? The first thing to pay attention to the nature of the bottle. Check if the cap does not turn when it occurs. Vodka in a bottle with ball dispensers in most cases exists as a forging a container manufacturing process is very complicated.

The screw cap must be a snap ring. An important feature is the liquid level in the bottle. Tara, which has a screw cap, should be filled to the middle of the neck. If you use "calculable concentration cap" plug to keep the fluid level just above the shoulders.

The content of the bottle

The drink is to be viewed in the light, on the head turns the container. See if it sediments or other foreign particles. Their presence indicates that the vodka is being distorted. If you shake the bottle, you can see the bubbles with big size. This means that the drink contains a lot of water, and the quality of its low. Singing vodka can be cloudy yellowish or pinkish tint.

Stamp filling date

Each bottle of filling must present date stamp. Place it on the outside or the inside of the label on glass bottle or caps. No matter where the stamp is located, the inscription on it should be easy to read. The date of filling on the label and lid must match.


Since the factory are automatically applied to the bottle labels, they must be stable, glued flat and not have the cracks or other damage. Uneven and sloppy glue smears say that in front of you fake vodka. If the product is present, the drawings and inscriptions on the label will be bright and easy to read. On fake label faint inscriptions illegible and may have grammatical errors. The barcode must be clear, not blurry.

The label should contain details of the manufacturer. The lack of such information may indicate that the company does not exist. On the front there must be a certification mark, license number, information on the date of bottling of the beverage strength and composition and the name and address of the manufacturer.

Quality alcohol

How to recognize a fake vodka when the bottle did not become suspiciously aware of something? It is not superfluous to judge the quality of the alcohol. You get a teaspoon and need a lighter. Warmed vodka flashes, and if it works, you must smell the rest. Liquid with a pungent unpleasant odor has a foreign body.

To determine the presence of fusel oils in the beverage that causes suspicion, it is necessary to add it to sulfuric acid in the same amount. When vodka is blackened – so it contains fusel oils, and in large quantities. Try lower in alcohol blue litmus paper. Acid contaminants can be measured red by staining it.

To determine the presence of methanol, mix 10 ml of a beverage with suspicious soap, dissolved in a small amount, put a few drops of iodine and heated on fire. If vodka methanol is present then no yellow precipitate appears in the presence of ethanol or acetone.

The protection producers

To use the product of imitations, some manufacturers use it to protect additional protection systems that can not be counterfeited. These raised arms and quality brands and much more. If you want to buy a high quality product, read the information on the manufacturer's website about what additional security measures are used.

To protect yourself from scams, you have to buy drinks in large stores, where there is information on the sale of liquor license. Be aware of small details that are often forgotten by manufacturers of fake vodka.