Grey Goose Vodka : The Ultimate Beverage with the Finest Ingredients and Perfect Taste

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A majority of people like drinking Grey Goose Vodka as it relaxes them instantaneously. When drank responsibly, it is one of the finest vodkas found in the whole planet. Popular as the “World’s Best Tasting Vodka,” Grey Goose is definitely reliable and notable worldwide for its amazing taste. The founder of the brand, Sidney Frank named it after the geese that drink from the fountain in front of the Hotel de Ville in Cognac, France.

Grey Goose Vodka is prepared in Cognac, France and is quite a recent addition to the vodka family. Nevertheless, it has become one of the most desired vodkas among the vodka enthusiasts. Each bottle of Grey Goose Vodka is corked, and illustrates three grey geese soaring above the French Alps.


Grey Goose Vodka Price and its distinctive types of flavors

Grey Goose Magnum is exclusively prepared from French Wheat from La Beauce. The ingredients undergo a rigorous five step distillation process.Grey Goose Jeroboam is a hugely popular Grey Goose drink, which is prepared from soft winter wheat.

Types of Flavors Description Price
Grey Goose Vodka (1L) It is clear and refreshing with a dash of almond, citrus and has a floral aroma. $40
Grey Goose Cherry Noir (1L) Clear, bright, warming. It includes a hint of black cherry and fruits such as banana, watermelon and raspberry. $100
Grey Goose La Poire (1L) A fine drink produced from fresh pears with an aroma of wildflower and honeysuckle. $120
Grey Goose L’ Orange (1L) Revitalizing and fresh beverage produced from the best and fresh juicy oranges from Florida. $100
Grey Goose Le Citron (1L) Sparkling and sweet vodka with a dash of citrus flower and leaves of citrus tree, along with the aromatic hint of popular Menton lemons. $65
Grey Goose Ducasse (750mL) Relaxing and fresh beverage, produced by combining three varieties of French winter wheat. $99
Grey Goose VX (750mL) This is an energizing beverage, where VX stands for “vodka exceptionnelle”. It is prepared by using high quality vodka with a dash of cognac. One can enjoy this chilled drink over an evening with friends and family. $80
Grey Goose Magnum (1L) Grey Goose Magnum is exclusively prepared from French Wheat from La Beauce. The ingredients undergo a rigorous five step distillation process. $90
Grey Goose Jeroboam (1L) Grey Goose Jeroboam is a hugely popular Grey Goose drink, which is prepared from soft winter wheat. $90
Grey Goose Le Melon (1L) Grey Goose Le Melon has a hint of Cavaillon melons from the south of France, desired for decades even by kings. Manufacturers make sure to pick fresh melons in the July and August to tap their beautiful aromas, and create the most refreshing flavor. $120
Grey Goose Gift Set (750mL) If you are looking to gift Grey Goose Vodka to someone special, this is the perfect choice. You can even get the bottle engraved to create a personal touch. $85


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All types and flavors of Grey Goose vodkas except Le Citron contain 69 calories per ounce. Le Citron carries 100 calories per ounce. The regular cost of Grey Goose Vodkas ranges from 30 USD to 60 USD per liter. Grey Goose 750ml price is usually an average of $40. The available sizes are 50 ml, 200 ml, 375 ml, 750 ml, 1,000 ml and a Grey Goose big bottle of 1,750 ml.

Sidney Frank: The Man behind Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose Vodka, the French beverage, is currently manufactured in France. The maker of the Grey Goose Vodka is Sidney Frank Importing Co. or SFIC. The CEO of the company is Sidney Frank, an American businessman who initiated the idea of developing this vodka in 1996. Sidney Frank’s plan was to create luxury vodka, specifically targeted at the American people.

In order to make his dream come true, Sidney teamed up with the producer of cognac, François Thibault. François Thibault is the master distiller of Grey Goose vodkas. He was already a popular name in the field of cognacs before joining hands with vodka. Thibault is famously known as Maître de Chai, translates to ‘Master of the Cellar’ or ‘Cellar Master.’

Sidney picked France as a location for the production of Grey Goose vodka, because he wants this brand to be exclusive from the rest of the vodka brands that are usually manufactured in Eastern Europe. The company used ingredients such as French wheat and water from natural springs, to produce Grey Goose vodka. The water of natural springs is filtered through champagne limestone.

Sidney Frank: An Amazing Marketing Director

In 1972, Sidney Frank began his importing business corporation. His first product that got success among the masses was Jagermeister. However, he didn’t become popular overnight; it took a few years for his brand to get recognized among enthusiasts. Jagermeister is liquor prepared from a unique blend of special herbs, fruits, roots and blooms. Two of the known ingredients of this liquor are ginger root and cinnamon-bark.

Sidney Frank is firstly a cognac creator, and therefore it’s no wonder that he could introduce his passion to Grey Goose vodkas. Grey Goose VX is a type of special vodka that has a hint of un-aged cognac, which provides the drink with its typical fruity aromas.

Grey Goose: The Best Tasting Vodka in the World

The company wanted to make their product look unique; thus they created an original smoked glass bottle that exhibits geese flying over Alps. They also took utmost care to sell their vodka bottles encased in wooden crates just like wine.

Sidney Frank made sure to check every detail to make their product stand out among the rest, and eventually he succeeded. In the year 1998, the Beverage Testing Institute announced Grey Goose as the best tasting vodka in the world. Gradually, the popularity of Grey Goose Vodka rose greatly and it became one of the most desired vodkas in America.

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According to Grey Goose founder, Sidney Frank:

France has the best of everything, it’s the home of luxury and we can bottle that.

The Rising Popularity of Grey Goose Vodka

During August 2004, Bacardi took over the company, paying more than $2 billion. This amount is definitely astounding for a startup company of Frank, which was only eight years old. The sale of Grey Goose Vodka in United States was at its highest in that year. Approximately, 1.5 million bottles were sold in 2004.

The popularity of Grey Goose Vodka helped it to make its place into the book, ‘Stop Acting Rich’, by the famous Economist, Thomas J. Stanley. The author did various surveys and researched in depth before declaring Grey Goose Vodka, as one of the finest beverages in the United States for aspirationals. The author termed the Americans as aspirationals-the one those wants to look rich irrespective of their real wealth. They like to live lavishly and spend money on luxurious items.

Grey Goose Vodka: The Expensive Brand

Grey Goose Vodka is one of the most expensive brands among the other rival vodka brands. It is up to five times costlier than other brands. Even though, Grey Goose Vodka could not make its mark in the list of top 10 vodka brands on The New York Times, it was still the best selling brand among vodka fanatics. This was mainly because Grey Goose Vodka has a reputation of a drink for the elite class. It carries the same significance as Mercedes Benz automobiles or Rolex watches and so people with plush lifestyles prefer it over any other brand.

Although Grey Goose is a well-known brand of vodka in America; it is highly popular in Virginia. Other American states prefer other brands such as Crown Royal, Patron and Jack Daniel; Virginia is the only state that tops the sale of Grey Goose vodka.

The research conducted in the Boston University’s School of Public Health reveals amazing fact about Grey Goose vodka. It was found that Grey Goose is one of the preferred brands of spirits among Hennessey, Daniels and Patron.

It’s not surprising to discover that Grey Goose is the official beverage of the PGA tour. Golf is a reputed sport, and undoubtedly Grey Goose is a classy beverage. This is why PGA teamed up with Grey Goose. The executive of Grey Goose was optimistic with this partnership as it helped them to form their superior status among vodkas lovers and golf lovers.

What Makes Grey Goose Vodka Unique?

There are numerous reasons that make Grey Goose Vodka the best among the other competing brands. Here are the important ones:

Use of Premium Ingredients

If you are aware of the vodka making procedure, you will know that vodkas can be formed from a range of raw ingredients such as grapes, potatoes and grains. However, it is the base ingredient of a vodka that hugely creates its taste and texture. The exclusive taste of Grey Goose Vodka comes from the softness of winter wheat obtained from Northern France.

It is produced from the premium quality bread making wheat. The specialty of this kind of wheat is that it comparatively softer than its other counterparts. This also makes this quality of wheat more expensive than other types (the wheat classified as ‘premium bread-making wheat’). If you are keen to know the amount of wheat needed to make vodka, the answer is one kilogram. This wheat is exclusive and it categorized as soft wheat, which is considered outstanding for preparing bread and vodkas.

The wheat used for preparing Grey Goose Vodka takes ten months to grow. This soft winter wheat is sown in October and harvested in August. It takes four months more to grow as compared to summer wheat. This is the lengthiest part of the Grey Goose Vodka making procedure; nevertheless, once the wheat is harvested and ready it just takes less than a week to make the Grey Goose vodka. This time is comparatively lesser than other famous beverages such as Daniels, as they need to go through the aging procedure.

Although, cognac is linked to brandy, it is one of the significant ingredients for preparing Grey Goose vodka. In the south-west region of France, there is a place known as Cognac where deep wells are located. Grey Goose manufacturers take water from these wells to prepare vodka. It is important to note here that they don’t store the water, but draw it straightaway from the wells whenever required. This water is natural spring water. The manufacturers obtain this water from the limestone that is much deeper in the ground. The spring water is a rich source of calcium.

Recipe is Kept a Secret

As with numerous popular beverages, the recipe of Grey Goose Vodka is kept a big secret. People only know that it contains soft wheat, spring water, prepared with French ingredients and processed five times. However, the precise distillation procedure and combination is still unrevealed to all except a few employees.

You will be surprised to know that there are only 20 employees that work together to manage the total world’s supply of Grey Goose vodka. These employees take care of even the minutest details, from weighing the wheat grains, to making the ingredients go through the distillation process.

As mentioned, the recipe of Grey Goose Vodka is a secret, and thus it is not easy to enter the Grey Goose distillery. You cannot even call them to make a prior appointment, let alone walk straight to the distillery. People who are given entry are required to follow strict rules. They are also briefed on which departments they can and can’t visit. Photography is strictly forbidden. Also, they are required to wear a lab coat and replace their footwear with special work shoes before entering the premises.

Stunning Presentation of Grey Goose Vodka Bottle

Grey Goose Vodka comes in a beautifully designed bottle with smoked glass. It looks wonderful sitting on the shelves of bars. The creator of the Grey Goose vodka, Sidney Frank, made sure to supply big-sized bottles to bars to grab the attention of customers.

The inimitable thing about Grey Goose bottles, is that they come with a cork stopper and not a screw cap. The bottles are shipped in wooden crates, just like an expensive wine and not in cardboard boxes. This makes them look more appealing, eye catching and attractive.

All these small details make Grey Goose elite and costlier than any other brand. The company makes sure to make everything about Grey Goose Vodka special. The brand is all about having unmatched quality. The ingredients required for the vodka comes from France, because it is renowned for its luxury products. Unquestionably, it is not like any other vodka brand, but it is a work of art created by French vodka makers.

How is Grey Goose Vodka Prepared?

The wheat needed in the preparation of Grey Goose Vodka is cultivated in Picardy, France. Distillation is done in the same region, and later the distillate is brought to Cognac, France where it is combined with pure spring water and bottled.

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During the preparation process of Grey Goose vodka, enzymes work to convert carbohydrates into simpler sugars that undergo fermentation process continuously in various tanks. After the fermentation procedure, Grey Goose is a beer with 10 percent alcohol content. Later, the distillation process takes place to prepare a spirit, which initially contains more than 90 percent of alcohol content.

The company makes sure to pass the Grey Goose Vodka through five stages of rigorous filtration process. They make use of a copper filtration system in order to enhance extra refreshing flavors. When the Grey Goose Vodka is ready for bottling, it contains a palatable 40 percent alcohol.

After the impurities are removed, the vodka is filled in a plant, specifically designed to bottle Grey Goose vodka. Each bottle is fitted with a replaceable cork instead of a screw-top cap.

Different Flavors of Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose Vodka is one of its special kinds of vodkas that is prepared in the Maître de Chai practice, which creates aromas during the distillation process. Grey Goose offers a refreshing variety of flavors of vodkas such as cherry, lemon, orange and pear :

  • Grey Goose La Poire: This flavor was created after Thibault’s association with a chef. He was so enthused with the pear tarte of the chef that he decided to launch the new flavor for vodka lovers. It is instilled with the natural aromas of ripe pears, which makes the vodka sweet and refreshing. The distiller also infuses honeysuckle to the vodka that result in an aromatic flavor.
  • Grey Goose Le Citron: It is flavored with zesty lemons, which offers a warm and sweet taste, with a dash of raw lemons.
  • Grey Goose Cherry Noir: Prepared from hand-picked ripe black cherries, this vodka combines the flavor of fresh cherries, sweet red fruits and spices. The black cherries are specially picked by the farmers from the hillsides of the country. It is a classy drink that can make your evenings relaxing and sensuous.
  • Grey Goose L’Orange: It is orange flavored vodka, which is sparkling, zesty and refreshing. The correct balance of juicy oranges imparts natural and fresh taste to the spirit. Makers have made sure to import everything from France to prepare Grey Goose vodka- from ingredients and the label to the bottle, but with one exception, oranges. The fresh and juicy oranges used to flavor Grey Goose L’ Orange vodka are obtained from Florida.
  • Grey Goose La Vanille: It was one of the initial flavors of Grey Goose vodkas, which is now discontinued. It has a vanilla flavor with a dash of caramel and cinnamon. Most vodka fans were disappointed when this flavor was retired because it was one of the premium vanilla vodkas among many.
  • Grey Goose Le Melon: It is one of the latest introductions to the family of Grey Goose flavors. It was launched in 2014 and prepared with Cavaillon melons, obtained from the Provence region of France. It is quite sweet in taste because these melons are extremely rich in sugar. You can add Grey Goose Le Melon to any of the other spirits, to prepare an exquisite summer vodka cocktail. You can prepare a good mixed drink with Grey Goose vodkas like Grey Goose Martini and Grey Goose Le Grand Fizz.

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Thibault has already declared that he doesn’t want to create an array of Grey Goose flavors because he wants to preserve the classic taste of original vodka. Therefore, there are only a few, yet invigorating flavors of Grey Goose vodkas.

Important Years in Grey Goose Vodka History

  • 1996: Sidney Frank initiated the idea of preparing luxurious vodka in mid 1996.
  • 1997: It was the year when Grey Goose Vodka was launched. It is produced and marketed by Sidney Frank.
  • 1998: Grey Goose Vodka is considered a luxury product for the high-end market. It is named as the best tasting vodka in the world by the Beverage Testing Institute.
  • 2003: Explosive sales of Grey Goose Vodka reached 1.4 million cases.
  • 2004: Acquisition of the Grey Goose brand by the Bacardi group, which specializes in the production and distribution of spirits and rum.

Key Points to Remember

  • Founder of Grey Goose Vodka: Sidney Frank
  • Master Distiller: François Thibault, Maitre De Chai
  • Year Founded: 1997
  • Location of Distillery: Cognac, France

Grey Goose Vodka: The Perfect, Elegant Taste to Enjoy With Friends and Family


The soft winter wheat from the Picardy, the natural spring water from Cognac, along with the exclusive production procedure make a world-class Grey Goose vodka. The cellar master, François Thibault keeps check of every stage of vodka production, and makes sure that every bottle is prepared with precision and quality.

If you are a vodka enthusiast and have still not tasted Grey Goose vodka, you’re definitely missing out on something. French vodka is trustworthy, with a decent price tag. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent option to keep in your bar to prepare sizzling and smooth vodka cocktails.