Grey goose premium vodka: for people who love luxury

Every drink enthusiast will have heard about Rey Goose, one of the top high-end Vodkas available on the market today. This premium vodka is considered a luxury brand, much sort after by the elite. Handcrafted in small batches from top organic ingredients, this vodka tastes smooth, crisp and decadent.

How Was Grey Goose Vodka Born?

One of the premium vodka brands, Grey Goose was the creation of a marketing genius and American industrialist, Sidney Frank. In 1970, Sidney decided to start up his own business, ‘the Sidney Frank Importing Company’, importing and selling Jacques brandy to the US market. The company was massively successful; during the 1980s he purchased the importing rights to Jägermeister which proved to be wildly popular in the US and extremely profitable for the company. Using his marketing brilliance, Sidney was able to make his products stand out from the competition and give his customers exactly what they were looking for in a brand.

Sidney had always been fascinated with vodka; he therefore decided to launch Grey Goose vodka as a competitor against Absolut Vodka, which was a hit amongst drinkers at that time. He chose France as the perfect base to start the production of Grey Goose, where he sourced the finest raw ingredients, knowing that the country is famed for producing some of the world’s most elegant Vodkas.

Sidney teamed up with François Thibault, an expert in producing a large range of Cognacs for several world renowned companies. Francois took responsibility for overseeing every stage of Grey Goose Vodka production in order to ensure the highest quality and taste for vodka fans. Working in partnership both Sidney and Francois were passionate and dedicated to producing ‘the world’s best tasting vodka.’

What Makes Grey Goose Vodka Different From Others?

Sidney Frank made use of finest ingredients in the preparation of Grey Goose Vodka. He picked soft winter wheat from the fields of Picardie of Northern France. After the wheat is harvested, they are taken to a nearby town, Saint-Quentin where the wheat is milled into the flour for fermentation. The wheat is moistened and kept aside for at least a day before grounding and sieving it through rollers. It forms very fine wheat flour, called grist. The grist is then added with water and enzymes to help breakdown the starch into sugar.

Instead of using distilled neutral alcohol for the distillation process, Francois preferred to use the traditional process of distillation to lock-in the maximum freshness. The mixture is distilled at least five times to form a vodka at 93% abv. Once a batch of vodka is ready and analyzed for its purity, it is released into the bottling line.

Everything that is used in the making of this top-shelf vodka is of outstanding quality. Grey Goose is made using the finest French ingredients and the exclusive distillation process brings out its premium characteristics. Undoubtedly, it’s seen as a classic in any bar. You can enjoy it neat, on the rocks or with your preferred mixers. Cheers!