Grey Goose – Menu – Yard House – Goose liquor

4.0 star rating


I’ve always been a big fan of the Yard House.  I’ve never been disappointed with their food, nor selection of drinks.

The girlfriends and I made happy hour plans as a pre-birthday celebration for one of my friends.  If you park in the parking structure below, it’s kinda hard to find the Yard House if you’re not familiar with the location.  Fortunately, I had a quick visit to LA live once before and remembered where the Yard House.  I was able to guide my friends there.

The night was quite busy.  One of the staff members mentioned that she had never seen a night like that before.  I’m sure the Laker game contributed to that.  The bar was full, and a table was a 35-45 minute wait.  We put our names on the list and headed to the bar for a drink.  At the same time, we noticed two ladies leaving their area in the bar.  It the was one of the high tables with the high bar stools.  We quickly snagged that table and happily sat down.  Screw the 35-45 minute wait!

I always thought those high tables were part of the bar area and were first come, first serve.  Isn’t that normal?  Apparently, it wasn’t.  The staff scolded us for grabbing the table but did say that they’ll let it go this ONE time.  So, phew!  We were safe. 🙂

I stuck to my one grey goose tonic, while the girls had their usual grey goose and cranberry.  They have a wide assortment of beer to choose from.  I usually get hef or the pear cider.  Yum!  But beer is not good for the belly…tsk tsk tsk.  Check out the martini menu.  They have really good martinis!  We shared a gigantic plate of chicken nachos which we ended up devoured.

My favs from the appetizer menu include the Hawaiian Poke Stack, Seared Ahi Sashimi, and Chinese Garlic Noodles.  So good!  For dessert, the Kona Coffee Ice Cream Sundae is to die for!

Damn…I’m hungry now.