The Refreshing Grey Goose Flavors

Grey Goose Vodka is one of most the popular drinks, served at every successful nightclub. It is a necessary ingredient for numerous cocktails. If you want to enhance your drink’s flavor and give it a refreshing taste, Grey Goose Vodka is the first ingredient you need to consider. There are various Grey Goose flavors to choose from so let’s find out what makes each of these flavors special.

Grey Goose Vodka Flavors

Even though relatively new on the market, Grey Goose Vodka is a favorite vodka among vodka lovers. You will find sparkling and revitalizing Grey Goose flavored vodka drinks such as orange, vanilla, citrus, and pear. Here’s the list of Grey Goose Vodka flavors:

  • Grey Goose La Poire: La Poire Vodka is a natural blend of refreshing flavors that reproduces the sharp tang of Anjou pear. You get a taste of vodka with a whiff of fresh pears and a smooth taste.
  • Grey Goose L’Orange: L’Orange is a sparkling fresh drink that has the natural aroma of tangy oranges. The addition of concentrated citrus oil enhances the taste of this drink, making it crisp and invigorating.
  • Grey Goose Le Citron: Grey Goose Le Citron Vodka is prepared from the juicy lemons grown in the famous Menton region of France. The manufacturers concentrate the lemon juice and convert it into a strong citrus oil extract to preserve the sharp flavors of lemons, along with a dash of lemon tree leaf and citrus flower.
  • Grey Goose Cherry Noir: Made from handpicked ripe black cherries, Grey Goose Cherry Noir flavored vodka brings together a hint of fresh cherries and red fruits along with their enhancing flavors and layers of spice. The end product is classy and luxurious flavored vodka, that is perfect to light up your evenings.
  • Grey Goose Le Melon: Le Melon is the newest flavor of the Grey Goose Vodka. It was made available to the public in 2014. It holds the smooth flavor of Cavaillon melons, which are specially picked from the Provence region of France.
  • Grey Goose Vodka is one of the eminent drinks that is celebrated by numerous vodka enthusiasts all over the globe. Makers take utmost care to prepare every single bottle of Grey Goose Vodka to the highest standard and quality, taking into account its creation and packaging.

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The sparkling Grey Goose Vodka flavors enhance the taste of any cocktail. In addition to the quality, the flavors are extremely versatile and can be added to almost any other drink. You can use these to prepare yourself refreshing cocktails with herbal and fruity flavors.