Is Gray Goose vodka gluten-free?

The answer may be surprising you.

Bacardi produced by Gray Goose is a relatively exclusive brand of vodka. And if the club is a good bar or if you take a shot on someone who is trying to influence, it would not be strange to ask for Gray Goose. Usually soft, stylish, and their ads are a great night-time guarantee.
But is Gray Goose gluten-free? This question may look stupid if you do not suffer from celiac disease or gluten allergy. However, people who have intolerance and are really responsive to gluten often seek to be careful not to consume any risk.

Vodka can be gluten-free when prepared with a gluten-free formulation. You can use potatoes, gluten-free cereals and even grapes to distill liqueurs.

Although Gray Goose is made of wheat, it contains gluten, the company says vodka itself still has no gluten. This is due to the use of the methods used in the distillation process.

“Science distillation prevents gluten from circulating in the process,” says Ambassador Joe McCanta, “Gray Goose The Daily Meal” and even eliminating gluten grain of alcohol such as vodka Gray Goose. ” a purified gluten-free alcohol. ”

Unless the mind has any gluten-free product in contact with distillation, it must be safe even in case of celiac disease. Gray goose does not add gluten to alcohol after being evaporated.

“There are many false and false statements,” said McCanta, which is the increasingly complex and confused situation of people with celiac disease and severe allergy gluten. “