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 TAGS:The brandy and the cognac are two distilled beverages, but in addition to this obvious coincidence we find a big argument between its similarity and its differences. Let's get to know a little more of this traditional drink and its undeniable familiarity and likeness.

Differences between the brandy and the cognac

  • The brandy is a distilled beverage made from wine. The Cognac, on the other hand, is a kind of brandy, which is also distilled and made with white grapes based on the wine.
  • The brandy has an older origin than the cognac, although its origin is not entirely clear, the brandy became known in Europe in the XIV century, especially in France. Holland, England and Spain, The cognac, however, comes from France and its name comes from the municipality of Cognac.
  • The production of the brandy and the cognac are very similar, but there are some small differences that become very clear when trying each drink. Among the big manufacturing differences between the brandy and the cognac, we find the Aging of the brandythat you normally do in the Solera system.
  • Apart from the particular grapes used in the production of both drinks, there is the difference that the Cognac is made solely from white grapes, the brandy, however, from both grapes (white and black).
  • The Denominación de Origen is another difference that catches the eye, we recommend that the cognac should come exclusively from the French region of cognac. The cognac that is made in this region complies with the provisions of the Denominación by the BNIC (Bureau National Interprofessionel du Cognac) were imposed, which means that even if the cognac is a brandy, it cannot be made outside the French borders, although it is subject to the same process. This only adds to the confusion and controversy, because many cognacs made outside of France are called brandy for that reason only, not mistakenly, but there are discussions and confusions.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the cognac and the brandy is its taste, although you don't have to be an expert to notice that there are several small differences in its aroma, taste and of course the colors. Where we agree, that's both Brandy as well as the cognac excellent drinks are full of history and traditions.

And that's why we suggest that you try the difference yourself:

Cardenal Mendoza: This is one of the Spanish brandies with a reputation among consumers for its mildness, its aroma and its excellent price-performance ratio.

Hennessy Very Special: Hennessy is the world's best-known French cognac brand. Very classy, ​​ideal to use with sophisticated cocktails.