Cuban rum – Goose liquor

Cuba is not only world famous, but also because of its rum. Rum is available in dark, light and clear color. The first two are much more common in Cuba. Usually made from molasses, but also made from fresh sugar cane juice, rum always has a slightly sweet taste due to its origin, but is usually covered by stronger aromas. The alcohol content is around 40%. The largest amounts of rum are produced in South America, the Caribbean and Asia. The distillate matures like whiskey in wooden barrels, which also increases the quality in the long run. The rum gets a natural color from this maturation in wooden barrels, but it can also be created artificially by adding sugar color.

Rum from CubaIndustrial production started simultaneously in Cuba and Jamaica in the mid-seventeenth century. The Jamaican production, known until 1890 as "Presto Destillery", was destroyed by Jamaican indigenous people, which gave the small but popular brand an early retirement. The of Don Bacardi The distillery founded in Santiago de Cuba had no better destiny. After the Cuban Revolution in 1959, like many other companies, it was expropriated, which is why the founding family emigrated to the USA (estados unidos). The Cuban part of the company was in Ron Caney renamed. It continues to operate under this name and is becoming increasingly popular.

Although Cuba is the country with the greatest variety of different types of rum, the Havanna Club brand is drunk most often, which in my opinion has to do with the price and the strong advertising of the brand. Here, too, a distinction is often and precisely made into: one-year-olds, three-year-olds and those that have matured for a long time. I deliberately do not list the other many editions and vintages, since they are mostly only consumed by tourists and the amount is negligible.
In Cuba, only one year olds (Ron Blanco) and three year olds are drunk on the street and in the Mojito. Although I always tend to be sweeter, which is clearly the three-year-old.

My absolute favorite (from Cuba) is Ron Santiago de Cuba, five years old – which has a very rounded but still sweet taste. Must try !!
As a casual drinker, I find this rum even better than some 15, 20 or 25 year old distillations.

15 year old Cuban rumCuban rum brands:

Arecha, Ron Caney, Comandante Fidel, Corsario, Cubay, Daiquiry, Guayabita del Pinar, Havana Club, Legendario, Liberación, Planchao, Ron Edmundo Dantés, Ron Mulata, Ron Santiago de Cuba, Ron Varadero, Santero

A selection of Cuban rum types can be found in various online shops, simply enter in the page under – Search – "Cuba" or the corresponding rum brand and the fine spirits appear. The delivery time is often less than 2 days.