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Often they are simple circles, but there are also spirals and even real little labyrinths: every year in the summer so-called crop circles appear in the fields. About their creation the wildest assumptions are made

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Photoshow: Crop circles

We show you great pictures of crop circles in Germany and England, which Frank Laumen photographed

It was in July of this year, when twelve-year-old Philipp discovered something out of the ordinary in his parents' field. Something had happened to the wheat stalks – so far they had grown well, but now … On a tractor track, Philipp ran into the field, behind him his sister Nina and his friend Patrick. And then they stood in the middle of it – in a crop circle.

The phenomenon is being explored

The three were astonished. On a surface as wide as a highway and about 120 meters long, the grain had been trampled. "Well," said Philipp, "aliens were not, but I'd like to know where that giant shape comes from!"

Crop Circles - How do the patterns get into the crop?

Harald Hoos /

Avebury Trusloe, (England), 2003

That's what other curious people wanted to know. In the next few days, there was a lot of activity around his parents' field in Sinsheim. Small planes with photographers rattled high above the field. Self-proclaimed "crop circle researchers" drew sketches. And even people with diviners trudged around looking for magical energy streams. "Our field has become a true pilgrimage site," says Philipp, puzzled.

Nothing new

Crop circles are really a strange thing. First reports about it made centuries ago. There are now 150 to 300 new pictures worldwide every year. And these are rarely just simple circles. Snails, spirals, stars – real works of art are now found in the grain. Again and again you hear, huge patterns were created within seconds; Eyewitnesses report mysterious lights over the fields. And also in the crop circles allegedly often mysterious things happen. Reporters tell us that their cameras have been suddenly bewitched and taken strange pictures or gone on strike.

Was it the devil?

But how come the patterns now in the field? There's a whole bunch of crazy theories about that. In the past, people believed that the devil had crushed the grain with his hands. Today, not a few are convinced that the images are messages from extraterrestrials in UFOs (unknown flying objects). But most people think that's nonsense and claim that people have made the rounds!

Anonymous offenders

That's certainly true in most cases. The so-called "Hoaxer" (that means English and means "trickster") trample at night through boards with boards or roll through tree trunks and bend the patterns into the grain. However, these hoaxers rarely profess their actions. It's easy to understand, because they're actually destroying a field, and they could be punished for that.

Or aliens?

But there are always crop circles in which you will not find any human traces at first glance. How few of these mysterious specimens could have been created, so far only a few scientists try to explore. Too big is the fear of many, because of that as a "spinner" to be put. And the others who are seriously seeking clarification have not yet found convincing explanations.

Pure natural phenomenon?

Some tap microwaves, others suspect that a kind of heatstorm has swept across the fields. Where should microwaves or heat come from? The experts do not know. It is possible that the weather researcher Terence Meaden got to the bottom of the mystery with his theory. He believes that small whirlwinds form over the fields that are electrically charged. These whirls are created in seconds, press the grain to the ground and dissolve again. However, this idea is not proven yet.

Crop Circles - How do the patterns get into the crop?

Harald Hoos /

Hackpen Hill, (England), 2003

Anyway, until there are new insights, you can just find the circles beautiful, as Philip does. He says: "Next year I would like the pattern of skat cards in the field!"

Interview with "crop circle researcher" Jan Schwochow

GEOLINO: What are you doing as a crop circle researcher? Schwochow: When a crop circle is discovered, I have to be there as soon as possible so I can examine it fresh. Before entering the field, I try to rent a plane to take aerial photographs. Then I check the field for footprints of "Hoaxern". In addition, I measure the figure in the grain for later investigations, draw the laying direction of the stalks and create a sketch.

GEOLINO: You have created a crop circle yourself. How so? Schwochow: Because we wanted to find out what traces humans leave in the field. That was more difficult than we thought! In the end, our patterns were partly quite wrong. But we could see typical edges where we had flattened the ears with the crossbar. In July, for example, we came to grips with a crop circle maker who planted over 100 crop circles in northern Germany. At least the circles on complaints I held until then unexplainable.

GEOLINO: Are there no crop circles created by humans at all? Schwochow: After our discovery on Rügen, I am pretty sure that most of the crop circles come from humans.


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Photoshow: Crop circles

We show you great pictures of crop circles in Germany and England, which Frank Laumen photographed

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