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Man is sometimes difficult to understand. Some of them have the money and could feed themselves daily with champagne and caviar, while the others only drink mineral water and boiled potatoes. It is therefore puzzling that a man of money now and again craves for boiled potatoes, while the less well-heeled would do anything for a good sip of champagne. What does all this have to do with cigars? Well, if you consider yourself an experienced cigar lover and smoked through lots of meters of tobacco over many years, you will surely come to the conclusion that certain brands or formats will taste better than others. It is at this very point that your preference begins to crystallize, which will certainly continue to solidify over the years to come. As nice as it is to cultivate these preferences, you will not get to know new taste regions. Now, so-called cigar samplers come into play. Because they are the ones who can once again give the Aficionado a boost in creativity – true to the motto: be open for new impressions and sometimes have the courage to take risks.

Suitable for beginners and lovers alike

The beauty of the sampler is that it is just as suitable for inexperienced cigar smokers as it is for a longtime lover of good cigars. There are samplers in different combinations and hardly leave a wish unfulfilled. The word "sampler" is best translated as "selection" and thus describes very well that it is not an indiscriminate accumulation of any cigar, but a meaningful mixture whose composition was made according to certain criteria. First, there are samplers that contain cigars of a brand – say, for example, the Davidoff brand. Of which there is now a wide assortment, each with different tastes – from very mild to medium strong to rich and aromatic flavors. There are also different ring dimensions and formats. So if you want to focus more intensively on the diversity of a single brand, you should use a sampler that provides a good overview of a cigar brand or fábrica.

If we stay at the format level, we should take a closer look at a special cigar sampler. This special selection is interesting because it offers the possibility to assemble cigars according to tastes – either sorted by the color of the cover sheets (from green or double claro to maduro to oscuro) or sorted by size and format. The rule is: The thicker the cigar, the fuller the flavor and the less brittle and hot it burns. Thus, these samplers can appeal to beginners who like it milder, or experienced smokers who want to venture into spicier and more vigorous areas.

The whole world of cigars in a box

One level above the mark are samplers that summarize cigars from a country of origin – for example, Cuba. On this Caribbean island alone, hundreds of cigar brands – famous and unknown. As an aficionado, you would spend a good part of your life working in leisure through this rich area of ​​smoking culture. That's why samplers are all the more important for getting you started in this complex world. Finally, there are compilations that offer you a colorful bouquet of interesting formats and tastes from regions around the globe – so to speak, a small journey through the world of cigars. Last but not least, so-called best-of-samplers are also available for curious cigar lovers and those who place a high rank on the quality ratings of other aficionados. In it, for example, the best cigars of a year – either by sales or in the context of tastings – summarized.

Cigar sampler at Cigarworld

In our Cigarworld sampler assortment you will also find samplers that shed light on specific regions and countries of origin, the product range and the format portfolio of a particular brand. These are ideal for beginners, as well as for experienced cigar lovers, to get a deep insight into the flavor characteristics of a region and cigar brand.

In most cases, the cigar samplers are also exceptionally designed packaging, which is also ideal as a gift. In addition to the compilation marketed by the manufacturer and cigar brand, we also put together the Cigarworld sampler.

Cigarworld sampler

Each of our Cigarworld samplers is handpicked compilations of special cigars with which we give you a particularly tasteful overview of the respective growing area. The samplers are packaged in specially made wooden boxes, which are adorned by our Cigarworld logo.

Among our absolute bestsellers among the samplers are the Cuba Discovery and the Discovery Mild.