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Bulbash Zubrovaja vodka with buffalo grass

Buffalo grass flavoring is one of the best known vodka variations. Since the 16th century began in Poland to distil this vodka, flavored vodka with buffalo grass and its typical taste has gained immense popularity. Under the name Zubrovka, made in Brest-Litovsk, he was particularly popular in the USSR and the Eastern Bloc countries like Poland. The most important ingredient is the so-called buffalo grass from the famous Bialowieza National Park, which today is mostly located on Belarusian territory.

Only real with a buffalo grass

The aroma of freshly cut bison grass with a slightly tart note gives the vodka its typical taste. Each bottle of "bison" contains, according to the brand name, a small stalk of buffalo grass. At the same time it serves to confirm the origin of this natural product. The content of coumarin in buffalo grass vodka stimulates digestion and increases appetite and well-being, which is why Bulbash Bison Grass's vodka is often served with rich meat dishes. But also as an aperitif, this vodka is extremely popular.

Bison grass or buffalo grass?

Both terms actually mean the same thing – Sweet grass, It was used in the worship of the Virgin Mary, to which the German name alludes. This licorice smells aromatic Woodruff and Vanilla – and is the eponymous ingredient for the Zubrovaja. The Mariengras is also sometimes called Feenkraut designated.

Recommendation from the Schnapsbar – Minsk Mule

Fill a longdrink glass with Crushed Ice, approx. 6 cl Bulbash Zubrovaya pour in, with Apple juice fill up and in addition a neat splash lemon juice, Refreshing, aromatic and in our opinion very refreshing on hot days.

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