The Best Vodka Brands in the World

The word ‘Vodka’ is a derivative of the Russian word, ‘voda,’ which means water. According to research, the first reference to vodka was found in the 9th Century. Ancient folks used it as a medicinal aid for the treatment of various ailments. Later, in the 14th Century, people began to identify the stimulating effects of vodka. Gradually, vodka became one of the most desired drinks among enthusiasts all over the globe.

There are many popular vodka brands on the market. In this article, we will learn about a few top vodka brands that are all the rage in the alcohol world.

List of Best Vodka Brands

The following list presents just a few celebrated names of vodkas that are in high demand across the world. Some of the premium quality and well-liked brands of vodka are:


A Russian brand, brainchild of Pytor Smirnov, who served his vodka to the Tsar before being kicked out of Russia. Hey, if it’s good enough for a Tsar… The production of Smirnoff Vodka started in Russia by the children of uneducated farmers. The vodka brand that started on such a small scale steadily became one of the top vodka brands in the United States. It is popularly described as the “best selling vodka in the world.”
Smirnoff vodka is prepared from corn and pure filtered water. It undergoes the three cycles of distillation and then is filtered through charcoal for more than eight hours. Some of their best flavors include White Grape Twist, Passion Fruit Twist, Vanilla Twist, Blueberry Twist, Melon Twist and Green Apple Twist.


Absolut Vodka is prepared in the small town of Ahus, located in South Sweden. Absolut Vodka is famous for its beautiful bottle, the design of which was inspired by an old Swedish medicine bottle.
The makers make use of high-quality local wheat and clean water obtained from a well. The wheat is harvested in winter and then it is blended with sparkling clear water from the well. They make use of continuous distillation methods to filter out the impurities. It takes hundreds of distillation rounds to rid of the impurities completely.
Absolut Vodka is available in a range of flavors such as peach, pear, citrus, raspberry, vanilla, currant, mandarin and grapefruit. Chili pepper flavored vodka was the first flavor launched by Absolut Vodka.


A Ukranian vodka, named after the fantasy book-ready and archaeologically rich island of Khortytsya, it’s harder to find in the States. But worth a search—smoother and fruity, as most grain-based vodkas tend to be.


Another Ukranian bottle (go, Ukraine!) made from fermented cereal grains, supposedly with notes of honey, bread, and a bit of fruit. Also not an easy find in the U.S.


Definintely a special vodka—and (hooray!) widely available in the States. Unique among vodkas for its flavor profile, which can range from notes of woodruff and coconut to the signature Bison grass (which is added to the bottle as a tincture, giving it a slight greenish yellow hue).


No surprise another Russian vodka would make the top of the charts. No, you can’t buy it, but you can marvel that it’s really considered a sipping vodka, with hints of dried fruit and a bit of spicy heat on the finish.


You probably know the name Svedka, and/or have seen their terrifying robot mascot. Also charcoal-filtered, and near flavorless when served cold, though the texture can be silky and rich on the tongue, with maybe just a hint of sweet and spice on the finish.


Available in the States, but on a limited basis. Krupnik is arguably more well known for their liqueurs, especially the honey variety, but this is actually the best-selling vodka in all of Poland.


An even more American vodka—the grains are grown in what we assume is idyllic Midwestern farmland. The basic bottle is quadruple-distilled and triple-filtered, sold at a baseline 80 proof (though other bottlings like the Skyy 90 go even higher).


Ah, the fancy French vodka with decades of history. Actually, it’s a relatively young vodka (born in 1996) and the brainchild of an American businessman looking to compete with Absolut. Grey Goose Vodka is manufactured in the Cognac region of France and is labeled as the ‘The World’s Best Tasting Vodka.’ Even though it is a new addition to the vodka market, Grey Goose Vodka has become one of the most sought-after brands among alcohol enthusiasts. Grey Goose bottles are beautifully designed with three grey geese soaring above the French Alps. Grey Goose Vodka is prepared from the premium quality wheat and spring water naturally filtered through champagne limestone. Later, it is distilled at least three times in small batches. You will find various flavors of Grey Goose Vodka including pear, cherry, orange, and citrus.

Grey Goose Vodka is popularly found on the bar shelves of nightclubs. People drink it on its own, or use it to prepare sizzling cocktails by adding a lot of other invigorating ingredients. Try it today. Cheers!

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