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Alcohol Advent calendars are a very special gift in the run-up to Christmas. The tradition of the Advent calendar is not only very special for children, many adults also enjoy the sensual and atmospheric atmosphere.

The month before Christmas is also the time when advent calendars are extremely popular, as they offer a new surprise every day, shortening the waiting time for Christmas. While there are usually delicious chocolate calendars and toy calendars for children, adults are excited about alcohol advent calendars.

best alcohol advent calendar

Which is the best alcohol advent calendar? We show our recommendations!

The best alcohol advent calendar

Alcohol Advent calendars are something very special, because they are often filled with alcoholic specialties that often do not exist in the trade. As with the chocolate or beauty advent calendar, there is also an extensive selection of alcohol advent calendars. In this way, the variety of flavors and different varieties provide a lot of variety.

Beer Advent calendar

Buy beer advent calendarBeer lovers will love the beer advent calendar. With the appealingly designed calendar, you get the opportunity to eat many different beers that you can not buy in this way.

Behind the individual doors are not only classic beers, but also beers from other countries, which are characterized by their individual flavors. The beer Advent calendar invites you to cozy pre-Christmas evenings to toast the rare and sometimes unusual beers. More: Beer Advent calendar

Wine Advent calendar

best wine advent calendar

While many gentlemen prefer the beer Advent calendar, women prefer a wine advent calendar. Whether classic or rare wines or wine-based cocktails, behind every door hides another delicious surprise. The wines come from many different regions and different countries.

Each day has a different flavor variation, so that the cold winter evenings become enjoyable experiences. You will find white, rosé or red wines behind each door, which can be wonderfully sweet or dry. Each type of wine comes from renowned wineries and some have already won important prizes. More: Wine Advent Calendar

Whiskey Advent calendar

whiskey advenskalenderThose who love the smoky note of whiskey will love the whiskey advent calendar. Behind every door is another type of whiskey, which is particularly in the taste. The miniature bottles not only come from different bottlings, but also from completely different regions.

Let yourself be enchanted by the unique world of whiskey and just try something new! In addition to the classic whiskeys, there are also unusual and rare types of whiskey to discover, which are not necessarily to buy in the trade. Enjoy every evening a different variety of flavors and let yourself be pampered by the smoky and fruity aromas! More: Whiskey Advent Calendar

Gin advent calendar

Gin Advent Calendar AlcoholicGin is a drink with a long tradition. It is an absolute fashion drink, which can be enjoyed individually. The Gin Advent calendar is the best example, because behind every door there is another variety of gins to discover.

The individual varieties provide unforgettable moments on cold winter days, not least because of the extensive variety of flavors presented here. Every day offers a great surprise again. Whether mild or spicy, the 24 miniature vials offer different flavors that are not only unusual, but also rare. More: Gin advent calendar

Brandy advent calendar

Alcohol Advent calendar schnappsCompared to whiskey or gin, schnapps is usually only eaten on special occasions. However, there are also varieties that are ideal for cocktails. The schnapps advent calendar offers 24 miniature vials filled with fine spirits and noble spirits.

The selected schnapps specialties are available in many different flavors, making every day a little surprise. The different spirits are characterized by an individual taste, whereby each schnapps convinces by a unique quality. More: Schnapps Advent calendar

Sparkling wine Advent calendar

Best sparkling wine Advent calendar testWine and sparkling wine are alcoholic drinks that are predominantly enjoyed by women. They love the variety of flavors that every sparkling wine has to offer. Whether fruity or tart, classic or extravagant, the sparkling wine Advent calendar offers a diverse range.

Behind every door is another sparkling wine, which not only provides the special tingling, but also tastes something unique. Whether rosé or white sparkling wine, the sparkling wine Advent calendar holds a variety of different sparkling wine varieties ready to perform a winter sparkling wine tasting. More: Champagne advent calendar

Vodka Advent calendar

In the area of ​​the vodka advent calendar we could find two different variants from the same manufacturer.

Drinks by the Dram – Vodka Advent calendar

Alcoholic Advent Calendar it VodkaAlcoholic Advent Calendar it Vodka24 different vodka minis provide exciting pre-Christmas days. Each day has a new little surprise in store, as there are a variety of vodka varieties to try.

Whether very classic and traditional or unusual and extravagant, the flavors are very diverse to sweeten the Christmas. The Vodka Advent Calendar offers an extensive selection of different vodka varieties, from fruity variations to a bit heavier vodka varieties.

It's all there to do an interesting vodka tasting during the pre-Christmas period. Buy from Bottleworld

Drinks by the Dram – Vodka Advent calendar

Vodka Advent calendarSubtle yet elegant, that's how the Dram vodka advent calendar shows. While the cardboard packaging is kept very simple, there are some very interesting vodka varieties on the inside that you can not buy anywhere.

A total of 24 miniature vials of exquisite varieties from around the world invite you to try. Many of these vodka varieties are award-winning and come from famous distilleries. The content is in handmade vials that can be used perfectly even after Christmas. Buy from Amazon UK

Rum Advent calendar

We have not only found a rum advent calendar but even three different ones.

Drinks by the Dram – Rum Advent Calendar

drinks by the dram advend calendarThe Rum Advent Calendar from the House of Dram Dram sends the rum connoisseurs on a global trip around the world to taste the most extraordinary rum varieties. They have been carefully selected and include not only the very classic rum, but also unique varieties that are a real treat for the senses.

Behind each of the 24 doors, a new surprise awaits, keeping the cold winter nights warm. Experience the uniqueness of the different rum varieties and make every evening an unforgettable experience. Buy from Amazon UK

Drinks by the Dram – Rum Advent Calendar

rum advent calendar

Each door hides another delicacy just waiting to be conquered. Whether spicy or spicy, fruity or strong, the individual rum varieties come from well-known distilleries all over the world. They invite you to be eaten and to enjoy each evening anew.

Rum connoisseurs will find here not only conventional rum varieties, but also exceptional flavors that pamper the senses. Open a new door every day and experience a new surprise again and again. Buy from Amazon UK

24 Days of Rum Advent Calendar

Alcohol Advent Calendar Rum24 different rum vials and an advent calendar – a perfect combination to enjoy the pre-Christmas time. The Danish rum advent calendar is stocked with rum varieties from all over the world. Whether very classic or extraordinary, these special treasures are just great to try.

The individual rum varieties are characterized not only by their individual origin, but also by the variety of brands and the different degrees of maturity. This makes the rum advent calendar a special highlight and should by no means be missing in the run up to Christmas. View at

Tequila Advent calendar

Tequila Advent calendarVersion 1: The colorful Tequila Advent calendar presents itself in an extraordinary design that fits perfectly with the content. 24 different tequila vials are waiting to be eaten. This advent calendar will send you on a worldwide journey to pamper you with tequila in extraordinary flavors.

Every day has a new surprise in store for you, giving you the opportunity to experience tequila in all its facets. Let the individual flavor compositions work on you and find in the end your very own Tequila Tasting winner. Buy from Amazon UK

Alcohol Advent Calendar TequilaVariant 2: Tequila, an alcoholic specialty that is not only delicious, but also perfect for cocktails. The Tequila Advent Calendar offers 24 different 30 ml vials with different tequila varieties.

Whether quite classic or extravagant and exceptional, tequila enthusiasts will love these unique varieties. They provide a wonderful tequila tasting to make the cold winter evenings cozy events. Buy from Amazon UK

Liqueur Advent calendar

Also in our search for a liqueur advent calendar, we were looking for. We found 2 different variants.

Hallinger liqueur advent calendar

Gräfs Mini Liqueur Advent calendar

Gräf's Advent calendar with many delicious mini-liqueurs motif 2019 (24 x 0,02l)

Variant 2: It does not always have to be chocolate, which is particularly evident on the liqueur Advent Calendar from the house of Gräf. Behind each door is a different flavor, so every evening becomes a unique experience. The fruity liqueurs are available in different flavors and invite you to perform a small liqueur tasting. In addition to conventional liqueur varieties, the liqueur Advent calendar also offers unusual and rare liqueurs, which are so rare or even impossible to buy in the trade.

Absinthe advent calendar

Absinthe Advent Calendar Spirits "width =" 215 "height =" 172The Absinthe Advent calendar is something very special, because it is not a typical Advent calendar. Here, behind the 24 doors, there are award-winning absinthes from all over the world, such as Scotland, France or Switzerland.

Whether world-famous manufacturer or small boutique manufacturer, absinthe is available in many different flavors and from different distilleries. The small miniature vials invite you to try and make sure that cold winter evenings are wonderfully cozy hours. Order at Amazon UK

Additional information and important tips

In the following part you get more information and we give tips for buying alcohol advent calendar.

Are there advent calendars with alcohol chocolates from Lindt & After Eight?

Chocolate goes well with various alcoholic drinks. This fact, some manufacturers have made use of and brought wonderfully combined advent calendar with alcohol chocolates on the market. In these advent calendars harmoniously combines a milk or dark chocolate with a sweet liqueur or something similar. The alcohol-containing praline mixes melt gently on the tongue and leave behind a unique flavor composition in the aftermath.

Do it yourself with bottles: this is the best way to do it

wine advent calendar alcohol "width =" 187 "height =" 237 "srcset =" 316w, https: // 237w "sizes =" (max-width: 187px) 100vw, 187px

Alcohol Advent calendar for large bottles

It does not always have to be a purchased Advent calendar, because basically it's not that hard to make one yourself. The most important thing here is a sturdy cardboard that can be designed completely free according to your own imagination. The individual days should be marked in the front area and designed so that they can be opened as a door with a few simple steps.

For the interior, care should be taken that a subdivision is made so that each bottle has its own place. This is important so that the bottles do not accidentally beat each other.

Available from Real, Lidl & Aldi?

Aldi, Real or Lidl are discounters who are expanding their product ranges and their range of products one piece at a time each year. Mostly there are chocolate calendars or similar calendars, which shorten the advent season for all ages.

So far it is not known that Aldi, Lidl or Real have a special sparkling wine Advent calendar that invites you to a champagne tasting in the pre-Christmas time.

Alcohol Advent Calendar REAL lidl "width =" 350 "height =" 316 "srcset =" 350w, https : // 300w "sizes =" (max-width: 350px) 100vw, 350px

Information for Switzerland

Of course alcohol advent calendars are not only available in Germany but can also be bought in Switzerland. Alternatively, you can also be sent to Switzerland. However, attention should be paid to the information provided by the manufacturer, as Switzerland is not located in the EU and thus high tariffs may apply.

Differences in men and women?

Basically, there are not real differences in terms of alcoholic advent calendars. However, it is already very clear that wine and champagne calendars are predominantly popular with women, while whiskey and gin advent calendars are rather reserved for men. Women usually love tingling and fruity alcoholic drinks, so that there is already a small difference. In general, however, both women and men can claim the individual calendars for themselves.

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