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About tutovke, national drink of Karabakh, probably heard by many. This original silky-strong drink with an unusually refined taste has, as many have shown, a unique healing power. Almost everyone who has already tried it is on the same level as Armenia's best cognacs, sometimes even higher.

Mulberry vodka

"Liquid Karabakh Silk"

This is called today "Artsakh" – vodka, from delicious mulberry tree, which grows mainly in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčTranscaucasia. In general, the brand "silk" is firmly anchored for the Greek drink "Metaxa". Today, however, many experts find that this title is worthy of the Armenian vodka "Artsakh", which is actually more of a fruit brandy. It is made only from the silk berries, without the addition of sugar and water, only in wild yeast.

Armenian traditions

Mulberry vodka is made in some Caucasian regions, but the residents of Karabakh managed to consolidate the status of a truly national drink behind it. Here, this silky brandy is preserved in almost every farmyard.

Not bad in Armenia is established and industrial production of mulberries. The most famous "Artsakh" is vodka, which is produced in two versions at once: usually and with aging in barrels of silky wood.

History of the creation of mulberry

When and by whom brandy was invented from mulberry, surely it is not known. The history of the drink, which is now sold as "Arzach" – vodka from mulberry fruit, more than a century. Karabakh residents still hold on to ancient technology simple: when Mulberry berries, after fully ripening after strushivaniya on podstelennuyu cloth, pour into a special container of clay – karas, then crumple, leave to wander naturally, without added water and sugar ,

Artsakh vodka price


In general, "Artsakh" – vodka is not only traditional, but judging by the ratings, even mystical. Tutovka in Armenia is not so much used for entertainment, but also for medical purposes. She's drunk with colds here, with her compresses and gums used for disinfection. But most importantly, this vodka has long been considered an effective treatment for stomach disorders.

Many Armenians sincerely believe this drink also determines the long life for which the inhabitants of Karabakh are famous. They say that in the old days, Artsakh's ordinary lunch consisted of fifty grams of homemade stew and a boiled egg. After that, people could work until lunchtime without feeling a single drop of fatigue. However, many people believe that small doses of alcohol are not only not harmful but even useful.

"Artsakh" – vodka with a special recipe

Traditional ingredients of the stew are sufficient and the technology is simple, but the quality of vodka depends primarily on the variety of berries and the degree of their maturity. The ideal mulberry from which the "Artsakh" vodka is made should be pink. This sweet and fragrant variety does not grow everywhere. Manufacturers use pink mulberry to make the drink "Artsakh". Vodka, whose price is quite high, is actually made from a certain variety and according to old technology.

Armenian vodka artsakh

Braga is tempted in all phases and his taste is corrected. In fact, the process of making this Armenian Braga is similar to the production of wine from mulberries. It is fermented only in wild yeast.


"Artsakh" vodka is one of the most original alcoholic beverages in the modern market. An inalienable feature of Armenian national culture, this brand combines several varieties of fruit vodka at once. It belongs to the well-known alcohol company of the same name, which has been operating in the market since 1998.

Today the company produces and supplies its vodka as a domestic market in Armenia and exports abroad. This brand was awarded a gold medal at the ProdExpo competition in Moscow immediately after the release of its famous Artsakh products. Vodka is sold today not only in Armenia and Russia, but also in Ukraine and Latvia, Germany and Belarus, Lithuania and other countries.

The fact that this is really qualitative product, the price is also indicative. For example, a fifty-gram bottle of "Artsakh" vodka with a grade of 45 is sold on average for two hundred and thirty rubles. Another option – "Golden", with a large volume (035 liters) costs about a thousand.

Artsakh Vodka

Vodka "Artsakh" from dogwood – characteristics

The company rightly boasts of its own rich selection of alcoholic fruit drinks. His catalog includes not only mulberries, but also apricots, peaches, pear grapes and other varieties of strong brandy. The Armenian vodka "Artsakh" is also very popular with Russians. It is characterized not only by a great taste, but also by consistently high quality features.

Vodka Artsakh, made from dogwood, such as mulberry analog, is considered not only a tasty drink, but also a highly valuable natural gift that, as the Armenians themselves testify, has the potential to "bring health back to the sick and young ". It heals wounds and strengthens the mind, but above all – it rejoices the heart.

In the composition of this fruit vodka, only purified source water from the mountains. Harvested from the wild dogwood berries, fermented and subjected to double distillation, it "rests" in two-to-three months in special barrels before being bottled. Therefore, the vodka has a soft and harmonious taste. "Artsakh Kizilovy" is characterized by a pleasant aroma, which combines not only bright fruit tones, but also floral shades of light. Vodka has a transparent composition and a slightly oily texture. Serve it better with rich and hearty food, because it has the property to stimulate the digestion.

Armenian vodka Artsakh Carnelian


Today you can buy Artsakh not only in the country of its producer, but also in many parts of Russia. Many judging by the reviews, buy this vodka as an excellent gift for the experienced connoisseurs of alcohol.

This drink, which is a great digestion, perfectly combined with many meat dishes, especially the Caucasian cuisine. If you want special sensations, then this vodka can be served with baked lamb or Armenian hashlama. She, judging by the reviews, goes perfectly with stewed vegetables, basturma or bird liver.