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Sure, an Aperol Spritz always goes to the start. And with a gin and tonic you do not go wrong anyway. But if you do not want to be embarrassed in trendy bars, you better go for another drink. But which are currently announced? Every year, the cocktail encyclopaedia Difford's Guide publishes the world's 100 best drinks. To map the ranking as accurately as possible, the creators include a number of values ​​- including the retrieval numbers in its own database, statistics from search engines and the cocktail cards of various bars from Europe, North America and Asia. Here are the top 10.

1. Porn Star Martini

Sex sells, that also applies to the cocktail menu. For the fourth time in a row, this drink lands at the top of the winner's podium. The Porn Star Martini should taste especially women, because it consists of passion fruit, liqueur (Passoa), vanilla vodka (Difford's Absolutely recommends), a few splashes of lime juice, vanilla syrup and a dash of champagne. (to the recipe)

2. Margaritas and Tommy's Margarita

The Margarita is a classic of the bar landscape and is washed up by the tequila boom in the US. The Tommy's variant is reduced to the essentials and consists of patron tequila, agave syrup and freshly squeezed lime juice. (to the recipe)

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3. White Lady

The White Lady was still in ninth place two years ago, 2018 on the seven and now it's enough for bronze – what a climb! This drink benefits from the gin boom. Take gin, triple sec, lemon juice, sugar syrup and egg whites, garnish with lemon zest. Refreshing! (to the recipe)

4th Amaretto Sour

Last year still second place, now it is enough "only" for fourth place. The unusual mix of amaretto, bourbon, bitter, egg white and lemon juice is definitely something for experimenters. (to the recipe)

5. Penicillin

For a change, a Scotch drink, which is refined with honey water (three parts honey, part water), ginger liqueur and lemon juice. (to the recipe)

6. Bramble

Gin is no longer very popular with hipsters, but the juniper distillate is still prominently featured on the cocktail cards. The Bramble, which by the way is one of the favorite drinks of the author, has been a big leader for some years now. For the preparation you need a dry gin (recommended by the brand Rutte), lemon juice, sugar syrup and blackberry liqueur, garnished with a blackberry. The drink was invented in the mid-eighties by London bartender Dick Bradsell. (to the recipe)

7th Espresso martini

Martini always goes, this time it's a more sophisticated version of the shaker by Dick Bradsell. It is prepared with Ketel One vodka, freshly brewed espresso, optional Kahlua and sugar syrup. In addition – for the balance – a pinch of salt. (to the recipe)

8th. Cantaritos

"Millions of Mexicans can not be wrong," writes Difford's. Last year, the drink was still ranked 21, now in the top 10. Consists of tequila (of course), freshly pressed orange, grapefruit and lime juice, a spoonful of salt and some grapefruit lemonade. Very refreshing! (to the recipe)

9. Negroni

In 2019, the Negroni celebrates his 100th birthday. Ninth place is a fitting present. The Negroni is a classic that every bartender loves because he is prepared quickly. The drink consists of one-third of Dry Gin, Campari Bitter and sweet vermouth (Difford's recommends Martini Rosso). The whole thing is stirred with ice. Cheers! (to the recipe, more to the drink)

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10. Screaming orgasm

The ranking starts with the Porn Star Martini and ends with the Screaming Orgasm – restrained goes otherwise. This drink is also expected to be very popular with hen parties: Vodka, coffee liqueur, Amaretto and Baileys are fortified with milk, cream and ice cream. Rather a huge dessert and definitely not a hip flatterer! (to the recipe)

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Among the top 100 are some unusual drinks, a few newcomers and real classics. We recommend the following five drinks:

1. Slow Comfortable Screw Against The Wall (# 11)

Long name, complex drink: The base of this cocktail is vodka, plus a dash of Sloe Gin (from sloe) and Southern Comfort, a little orange juice and a dash of Galliano liqueur. It tastes so good that the drink has climbed 30 places within the last few years. (to the recipe)

2nd Dirty Banana (12th place)

Very popular drink in Jamaica. Consists of Bacardi Blanca rum, Kahlua, Giffard Banana du Bresil, milk, some cream and a peeled (!) Banana. (to the recipe)

3. Mexican Mule (14th place)

When Mule most probably first have to think of the Russian ajar variant with vodka, lime juice and Ginger Beer. But in recent years, especially the variant of the Mexican Mule has become very popular, in which the vodka is replaced by tequila and there is also a shot of sugar syrup. (to the recipe)

4th Gin Basil Smash (19th place)

Another gin drink? Exactly. But this tastes completely different. He was invented by the Hamburg bartender and starColumnists Jörg Meyer (Le Lion). To prepare, take 12 freshly picked basil leaves and two shots of gin (the recommended brand is Rutte), which can be pulled in the shaker for a few minutes. Then fill the shaker with ice, a little lemon juice and sugar syrup, shake it vigorously and then stop the drink. Very refreshing, and you do not have a green drink every day. (to the recipe)

5. Limoncello Spritz (35th place)

The most promising newcomer sounds like the perfect summer drink: Prosecco, Limoncello and soda, garnished with an orange slice. (to the recipe)