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They should not be missing at any party and for any festive occasion – the alcoholic drinks. According to an investigation by the Federal Statistical Office, the Germans gave in 2015 around 22.7 billion euros for alcoholic beverages out. But alcohol is not just alcohol.

The right drink for every occasion

The world of alcohol is large and diverse and everyone chooses a different drink for his or her own best type of alcohol. Which alcoholic drink is the right one depends not only on your personal taste, but also on the occasion and the circumstances – and when you drink alcohol. A nice glass of wine in the evening is an excellent accompaniment to meals, such as a cool white wine with poultry and fish dishes or red wine with game and hearty meat dishes. If you want to keep a cool head or save calories, wine can also be enjoyed diluted as a spritzer.

But not just for eating, but a fine drop of wine can also be enjoyed on its own, How about a good glass of light rosé wine on a warm summer evening in your garden? Or – if you like it livelier and more noble – with a sparkling sparkling wine or even champagne to celebrate a very special occasion?

If we have brought you up to taste, we recommend the following comparisons, in which we introduce the types of alcohol mentioned above:

Shaken or stirred?

If you are more of a lover of spirits or if you prefer different types of schnapps instead of wine and beer, you have a no less wide selection of alcoholic beverages to choose from. A glance at the assortment in the beverage market is enough to determine: The ABC of alcohol types in the spirits sector is long and varied. From A for absinthe and amaretto to eggnog and gin to whiskey and vodka – the drinks list offers the right spirit for every taste and preference, For this area from the world of alcohol, our editors have made it their business to advise you on the most popular and well-known types of alcohol:

Get your party going!

No celebration without the right party drinks? No problem! Although real connoisseurs and connoisseurs generally prefer pure drinks, alcoholic mixed drinks are still very popular with younger people, especially when it comes to alcohol consumption. According to statistics from Information Resources GmbH (IRI), the Sales of mixed spirits in 2015 at around 67.5 million euros,

Especially in combination with numerous drinking games, alcohol is often consumed at parties and celebrations. If you enjoyed such games and should not miss them at your party, then you are guaranteed to find the right party fun in our drinking games comparison:

In our guide texts on alcohol we introduce you to some of the most popular types of alcohol, what the Stiftung Warentest says about it and how alcohol did in tests so that you can make the right purchase decision.

And if you still have to drive?

Whether you want to drive home later, are pregnant or want to avoid alcohol for religious reasons: Sometimes it should be the easier option. But even in this case you do not have to be dry. We have compared non-alcoholic versions of popular drinks for you: