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the essentials in brief

  • Non-alcoholic sparkling wine is a great alternative if you are in a party mood but do not want to drink alcohol. It is traditionally based on wine or fruit juice. In the meantime, innovations have also emerged based on tea.
  • Alcohol-free sparkling wines based on wine come closest to the typical sparkling wine taste. Alcohol-free sparkling wines with tea or fruit can score points with interesting new flavors.
  • Alcohol-free sparkling wine-based sparkling wine still contains small amounts of alcohol. Dry alcoholics, pregnant women and nursing mothers should therefore definitely not do this! People who do not consume alcohol for religious reasons should also be aware of this.

Alcohol-free sparkling wine test

The enjoyment of Sparkling wine stands for pure luxury, for the very special moments in life. Over three billion hectoliters of sparkling wine were sold in 2016, as this survey by the Federal Statistical Office shows. But what if you have to do without alcohol? Whatever your reasons for not choosing alcohol, you don't have to be dry. With non-alcoholic sparkling wine you can Toast stylishly and without a guilty conscience!

But alcohol-free sparkling wine is really without alcohol? Can pregnant women drink non-alcoholic sparkling wine? What are the different types of non-alcoholic sparkling wine and which non-alcoholic sparkling wine is the best? And are there any good cocktail recipes for sparkling wine without alcohol? We answer these questions and more in our purchase advice on the alcohol-free sparkling wine comparison 2019/2020.

1. Warning: Alcohol-free sparkling wine is not really without alcohol!


Enjoy carefree with non-alcoholic sparkling wine from Sekthaus Raumland or SchampAqua.

The The first non-alcoholic sparkling wine was launched live by the company Light in 1988, Since then, the alcohol-free sparkling wine has enjoyed increasing popularity.

In the meantime, all well-known sparkling wine brands and many smaller wineries have a large selection of non-alcoholic sparkling wine in their range. In addition to sparkling wine without alcohol, there are also non-alcoholic red wine, white wine and non-alcoholic beer.

But be careful: "Alcohol-free" does not mean the same as "without alcohol"! A drink can be described as “non-alcoholic” if it contains less than 0.5 percent alcohol by volume.

A small percentage of residual alcohol remains in the winemaking process of non-alcoholic wine-based sparkling wine. Non-alcoholic sparkling wine based wine is therefore NOT suitable for pregnant and lactating women, dry alcoholics and people who do not drink alcohol for religious reasons.

Attention: Dry alcoholics have to do without any drink that is similar to alcoholic drinks. The consumption of such a drink can trigger a psychological recognition effect, which can lead to a relapse. This also applies to non-alcoholic sparkling wine based on fruit juice or tea.


2. What types of non-alcoholic sparkling wine are there and how are they made?

2.1. Alcohol-free sparkling wine-based sparkling wine contains residual alcohol

light-live "class =" lazyload alignleft wp-image-220 cld-hidpi "data-src =",dpr_auto,f_auto, h_106, q_auto: eco, w_100 / v1 / product / sites / 2530 / light-live-sekt-dry.png "height =" 106 "width =" 100 "/><noscript><img  src=Non-alcoholic wine-based sparkling wine is made from non-alcoholic wine, The wine is gently heated to a maximum of 28 ° C, whereby the alcohol evaporates. The removal of the alcohol must be carried out very gently so that the aroma substances that are bound to the alcohol in alcoholic beverages are not lost.

However, since the alcohol particles cannot be removed completely, contains non-alcoholic sparkling wine based still small amounts of residual alcohol. In the case of non-alcoholic sparkling wine, there is no second fermentation, which produces carbon dioxide in the case of alcoholic sparkling wine. Instead, the mechanically carbonated non-alcoholic sparkling wine, The legally correct term for non-alcoholic sparkling wine is therefore also called "sparkling beverage made from non-alcoholic wine".

2.2. Alcohol-free sparkling wine based on fruit juice or tea is really 100% alcohol-free


You can safely enjoy non-alcoholic sparkling wine even during pregnancy, as long as it is based on fruit juice or tea.

prisecco "class =" lazyload alignleft wp-image-221 cld-hidpi "data-src =",dpr_auto,f_auto, h_106, q_auto: eco, w_100 / v1 / product / sites / 2530 / manufaktur-joerg-geiger-prisecco-apfelsinfonie.png "height =" 106 "width =" 100 "/><noscript><img  src=Alcohol-free sparkling wine based on fruit juice consists of fruit juice or tea and is often refined with special herbal extracts to achieve a champagne-like aroma. This type of sparkling wine is sometimes referred to as Secco.

Even such sparkling wines without alcohol are often of high quality, but their taste may differ somewhat from the original. Alcohol-free sparkling wine based on fruit juice or tea contains no residual alcohol, so it really has 0.0% alcohol.

Like other non-alcoholic sparkling wines, children's sparkling wine also falls under the category of fruit juice-based sparkling wines. Children's champagne usually tastes sweeter as a fruit-based sparkling wine intended for adults. In addition, it has a more child-friendly design, for example a case with bright colors and happy cartoon characters.

In the following table you see one more Overview of the alcohol content of the types of non-alcoholic sparkling wine and for whom they are suitable:

variety alcohol content suitable for not suitable for
Wine-based non-alcoholic sparkling wineschampaqua Residual alcohol content up to 0.5 percent by volume ("non-alcoholic") Figure-conscious
Pregnant and lactating women
dry alcoholics
abstainers for religious reasons
Non-alcoholic sparkling wine based on fruit or teaprisecco "class =" lazyload wp-image-221 size-thumbnail aligncenter cld-hidpi "data-src =",dpr_auto,f_auto , h_150, q_auto: eco, w_141 / v1 / product / sites / 2530 / manufaktur-joerg-geiger-prisecco-apfelsinfonie.png "height =" 150 "width =" 141 "/><noscript><img  src= 0.0% ("without alcohol") Pregnant and lactating women
abstainers for religious reasons
dry alcoholics (risk of relapse due to memory)

Tip: Due to the lower alcohol content, non-alcoholic sparkling wine has significantly fewer calories than sparkling wine with alcohol. Non-alcoholic sparkling wine has between 20 and 35 calories per 100 ml, while alcoholic sparkling wines cost around 70 to 80 calories per 100 ml. However, there are also differences between the varieties of non-alcoholic sparkling wine: the sweeter or less dry it is, the more sugar it contains and the more calories it has.


3. When buying sparkling wine, pay attention to taste and aroma, sweetness and bottle size

3.1. Taste: Similar to sparkling wine for traditionalists, innovative for those who like to experiment


Use your sense of smell and taste to judge the aroma and bouquet.

Alcohol-free sparkling wine based tastes most similar to the alcohol-based model. If you attach great importance to an imitation of the sparkling wine taste as true to the original as possible, it is best to use a non-alcoholic sparkling wine based.

But fruit juice or tea-based sparkling wines can also taste very good. Mostly you can still find flavors of the respective fruit juice here. So it is more of a separate taste experience than a strict imitation of an alcoholic sparkling wine.

At best, it's a sparkling wine less a substitute than an independent drink with their own taste. If you are open to new taste experiences and are not looking for an exact imitation of the sparkling wine taste, you can also choose an alcohol-free sparkling wine based on fruit or tea.

And which non-alcoholic sparkling wine tastes best now? Even if it is a question of taste, it can be said that most Favor customer reviews alcohol-free sparkling wine based on fruit or tea, These sparkling wine varieties tend to have their own taste, which can stand on their own, while alcohol-free sparkling wine-based sparkling wine often lacks the sparkling wine taste.

Incidentally, there is still no alcohol-free sparkling wine test from the Stiftung Warentest. The best way to find out your personal non-alcoholic sparkling wine comparison winner is to try it out for yourself. Perhaps a sparkling wine (alcohol-free) test or Prosecco (alcohol-free) test will appear in the future.

3.3. Degree of sweetness: Non-alcoholic sparkling wine is available dry, semi-dry or lovely

The right serving temperature for your sparkling wine
  • white sparkling wine: 5 – 7 ° C
  • Rosé sparkling wine: 6 – 8 ° C
  • red sparkling wine: 9 – 11 ° C

Just like the alcohol-containing variant, non-alcoholic sparkling wine is available in different degrees of sweetness. Since there is not as much choice as with sparkling wine with alcohol, non-alcoholic sparkling wines fall into one of the rough categories dry, semi-dry and lovely, where dry sparkling wine has the lowest residual sugar content and more sweetly the highest.

The taste is particularly important for non-alcoholic sparkling wine. Even if your own taste buds are the key factor when it comes to taste, there are some criteria for a delicious sparkling wine: A good non-alcoholic sparkling wine tastes good fruity, tangy and, if possible, not too sweet,

3.4. Bottle size: Piccolo bottles with 0.2 liters are popular

Most champagne bottles come in the standard size of 0.75 liters. Piccolo bottles are also popular. They hold 0.2 liters and are particularly suitable for on the go.


4. Cheers without a hangover: Recipes with non-alcoholic sparkling wine


Cocktails with non-alcoholic sparkling wine enable happy, wet celebrations without awakening.

To help you get the most out of your non-alcoholic evening, here are a few great recipes for cocktails with non-alcoholic sparkling wine put together for you that taste at least as good as your relatives with alcohol!

It starts with a former trend drink that has become an integral part of our bars: the Hugo, With its lively mix of limes and elderberry, this drink sweetens us mild summer evenings.

alcohol-free-champagne-hugo "class =" lazyload alignright wp-image-264 size-thumbnail cld-hidpi "data-src =" , dpr_auto, f_auto, h_150, q_auto: eco, w_141 / v1 / product / sites / 2530 / alkoholfreier-sekt-hugo.png "height =" 150 "width =" 141 "/><noscript><img  src=
Ingredients for 1 glass:

– 150 ml non-alcoholic sparkling wine
– 100 ml of mineral water
– 20 ml elderflower syrup
– 4 slices of lime (untreated)
– mint leaves
– ice cubes


Place the mint leaves and slices of lime in a bulbous wine glass, press gently with a mortar. Pour elderflower syrup into the glass, top up with the non-alcoholic sparkling wine and mineral water. Add ice cubes, stir once and enjoy.

It continues with a real classic. The Kir Royal is timeless and impresses with simplicity: apart from sparkling wine and crème de cassis, all you need is a well-chilled glass.

alcohol-free-champagne-kir-royal "class =" lazyload alignright wp-image-266 size-thumbnail cld-hidpi "data-src =" /c_pad,dpr_auto,f_auto,h_150,q_auto:eco,w_141/v1/product/sites/2530/alkoholfreier-sekt-kir-royal.png "height =" 150 "width =" 141 "/><noscript><img  src=
Ingredients for 1 glass:

– 10 ml creme de cassis
– 90 ml non-alcoholic sparkling wine

Place 10 ml crème de cassis in a champagne glass, pour gently with 90 ml non-alcoholic sparkling wine. Use glasses, sparkling wine and créme de cassis ice-cold for the perfect enjoyment.

Finally, a modern variation of the well-known punch, Mango, lime and ginger beer, which despite its name naturally does not contain alcohol, enter into an exciting symbiosis.

non-alcoholic-champagne-mango "class =" lazyload alignright wp-image-268 size-thumbnail cld-hidpi "data-src =" , dpr_auto, f_auto, h_150, q_auto: eco, w_141 / v1 / product / sites / 2530 / alkoholfreier-sekt-mango.png "height =" 150 "width =" 141 "/><noscript><img  src=
Ingredients for 1 glass:

– 100 grams of mango
– 1/2 lime (untreated)
– 80 ml ginger beer
– 80 ml non-alcoholic sparkling wine
– mint leaves

Dice or puree the mango to taste, mix with the mint leaves and the juice of the limes. Top up with the ginger beer and non-alcoholic sparkling wine. Bottom up!

non-alcoholic champagne-celebration-

5. Major manufacturers and brands

Light live is the best known manufacturerwho specializes in non-alcoholic sparkling wine. The Light Live company also produced the first non-alcoholic sparkling wine in 1988. Alcohol-free sparkling wine is also available from SchampAqua.

Well-known and popular sparkling wine brands have Rotkäppchen alcohol-free, Freixenet alcohol-free and Söhnlein Brillant alcohol-free sparkling wine in their program, which can be found in almost every alcohol-free sparkling wine test.

Lesser-known wine presses such as grape velvet, sparkling wine house Raumland or the manufacturer Jörg Geiger also offer good non-alcoholic sparkling wine, partly based on fruit juice.

Novique offers an interesting organic alternative with the alcohol-free sparkling wine based on tea.

  • Clostermann
  • Light Live
  • Manufactory Jörg Geiger
  • Novique
  • Robby Bubble
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Sparkling house Raumland
  • grapes Office

6. Buy non-alcoholic sparkling wine: Frequently asked questions and answers

Do you have a question before you order from Novique or SchampAqua? Perhaps we can clarify them in this chapter.

6.1. What is the shelf life of non-alcoholic sparkling wine?

non-alcoholic champagne-dry

The best non-alcoholic sparkling wine tastes twice as good when properly chilled.

Non-alcoholic sparkling wine should also be consumed as soon as possible after opening, as the carbon dioxide evaporates quickly and the sparkling wine thus becomes stale and unappetizing.

It stays open for about half a year. Dry sparkling wine can also be kept for up to a year.

6.2. Which non-alcoholic sparkling wine is suitable for children?

Non-alcoholic sparkling wine for children is of course based on fruit juice or tea and contains no residual alcohol. In addition, non-alcoholic sparkling wine for children should not look like sparkling wine for adults, in order to prevent children from getting used to it. So with alcohol-free sparkling wine for children, in addition to a suitable, rather sweet taste, also pay attention to a child-friendly presentation.

If you have a small fan of a special film or comic character at home, feel free to look for a corresponding children's sparkling wine as a special gift. You can find good non-alcoholic sparkling wine for children in addition to the well-known Robby Bubble brand, as well as various popular comic brands such as Star Wars, Hello Kitty or Disney's "Frozen".

6.3. Is non-alcoholic sparkling wine halal?

According to Islamic law, intoxicating substances such as alcohol fall into the "haram" category, which means that they are "impure" and must not be consumed by strictly believing Muslims.

Wine-based non-alcoholic sparkling wine is not halal, because it still contains some residual alcohol. In this case, you can safely enjoy non-alcoholic sparkling wine based on tea or fruit juice.

6.4. Can I safely drink non-alcoholic sparkling wine as a driver?

As a motorist, you can drink alcohol-free sparkling wine in normal quantities without worry. The consumption of one or two glasses of non-alcoholic sparkling wine is completely harmless for drivers and you can take your car keys at the end of the social evening.

A calculation example: a 1.80 meter tall and 80 kg heavy man who on an empty stomach within 10 hours 10 liters of alcohol-free wine with an alcohol content of 0.5% vol. would still drink less than 0.3 per thousand.