7 tips against puffy bags and swollen eyelids – Goose liquor

Whether lack of sleep, lovesickness or overtime on the computer behind it: nobody needs bags and swollen or irritated eyelids. Tips on how to relieve the symptoms.

Swollen eyes and bags often appear after a night of sleep. Then the next morning fast help is needed. The following tips make tired eyes look fresh again.

1. Put teabags on the eyes

Get better bags of black or green tea. Tanins as ingredients of black tea have a calming, antibacterial and decongestant effect on the skin. Best of all, the tea used should be natural and free from additives and flavors. Green tea is even better because it is less fermented and contains more effective anti-oxidants.

Here's how it works: Just let the tea bag in cold water, as the cooling effect has an additional effect. Then squeeze out the pouch and place on closed eyelids for about ten minutes.

2. Forgo contact lenses

If you have irritated eyelids and wear contact lenses, you should avoid the lenses for at least two hours a day to relieve the eyes. Even the omission of cosmetics helps. In addition, sufferers can clean their eyelids daily with special towels. This avoids stubborn encrustations on the sebaceous glands.

3. Drinking a lot helps

Another rule in the fight against swollen eyes and bags: always drink enough liquid. Ideally, you drink still water or unsweetened teas throughout the day. In order to keep the fluid balance and thus the tissue activity constant, regular, small amounts are more helpful than large volumes of water at once.

4. Just watch – do not touch!

Whether through stress, smoke, tears or wind: Irritated eyes burn uncomfortable. Nevertheless, do not rub – that only makes things worse. For irritated conjunctiva help eye drops that exist in the pharmacy. Let a pharmacist advise you on this.

5. Sleep for the beauty

The body needs sleep for regeneration – also to get a grip on swollen eyes. However, if the eyes are swollen in the morning, it is often due to a poor sleeping position. Then maybe a flatter pillow helps.

Furthermore, the duration of sleep also plays a role. Ideal are about seven to eight hours. In addition, a cool bedroom temperature of about 18 degrees is recommended.

6. Treat your eyes to a break

The more recreational opportunities you allow the eyes, the brighter they become. Use small breaks or short phone calls for express eye care. Just close your eyes and enjoy. This not only makes tired eyes, but also exhausted minds lively again.

7. Prevent with eye drops

You can also prevent swelling and bags in the morning by using moisturizing eye drops in the evening. These can be products with hyaluronic acid, for example. Because the otherwise dry eye gland collects fluids that can cause the swelling.

When should you go to the doctor

For long-lasting complaints, sufferers should consult an ophthalmologist, as the cause may also be a disease. But eye bags can also occur with increasing age: the tissue on the eye goes limp and suddenly there is too much skin. On the upper eyelid it is called "Schlupflid", on the lower eyelid "Tränensack".

Both make the face look tired, tired or sad. Even younger people are sometimes affected. When surgery may be necessary and how much surgery costs, read here.