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Top Brasil: 10 most internationalized Brazilian companies

10 Most internationalized Brazilian companies

1. Vale – 31 countries

Third largest mining company in the world, Vale managed to produce 5 billion tons of iron ore in the 70 years it has been operating in the segment. The company is second in nickel production. Vale also has an important participation in the coal, copper, fertilizer, manganese and ferroalloys sector.

2. Odebrecht – 28 countries

The conglomerate operates on all continents in the areas of engineering, construction, petrochemical and chemical products. The group was founded by Norberto Odebrecht in 1944.

3. Stefanini – 27 countries

Stefanini IT Solutions is a multinational company present in countries such as Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Spain, USA, England, India, Italy, Mexico, Portugal and Venezuela. The company, which is headquartered in Jaguariúna, in São Paulo, provides computer and consulting services and is considered one of the largest in the world in the field of information technology.

4. Weg – 25 countries

Present in the field of automation, energy and paints, Weg is headquartered in Jaraguá do Sul, Santa Catarina. Founded in 1961, the company started by manufacturing only electric motors. In the 1980s, it started to include generators, electronic components, power transformers and products for industrial automation in its production. It is a few Brazilian companies included in Forbes magazine's list of the 100 largest small global companies.

5. Marcopolo – 24 countries

One of the Brazilian giants, the company has units in Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, India, Egypt and South Africa. It is one of the world's largest bus manufacturers and creates solutions for the collective transport of passengers in some of the main markets in the world . Marcopolo's history began in 1949 and, in all these years, it has already produced more than 350 thousand buses, with a workforce of more than 22 thousand people.

6. Banco do Brasil – 24 countries

One of the government's five state-owned banks, the institution is a mixed-capital company. It was the first bank to operate in the country and, in its more than 200 years of operation, it had a fundamental participation in Brazilian history and culture.

7. Magnesite – 24 countries

Magnesita is a Brazilian private company with operations dedicated to mining, production and commercialization of refractory material lines – products used by steel, cement and glass manufacturers. Today, the company operates 28 industrial and mining units, 16 of them in Brazil, three in Germany, three in China, one in the USA, two in France, one in Belgium, one in Taiwan and one in Argentina, with the capacity to produce 1.4 million tons of refractory material.

8. Gerdau – 19 countries

Gerdau is a leader in the steel segment and one of the largest suppliers of the material in the world. It has more than 45 thousand employees. The installed capacity is over 25 million tons per year. It is listed on the São Paulo, New York and Madrid stock exchanges.

9. BRF – 19 countries

The former Brasil Foods was created from the association between Perdigão and Sadia – and was born as one of the largest companies in the food sector in the world, reinforcing Brazil's position as a power in the agribusiness branch. It produces and exports meat (poultry, pork and beef), processed foods and meat, dairy, margarine, pasta, pizza and frozen vegetables.

10. Itaú Unibanco – 19 countries

Itaú Unibanco was founded in 2008 from the merger of two of the largest financial institutions in the country. The company has 4,000 branches in Brazil and 19 abroad.

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